Yeh Hai Chahatein (Star Plus) TV Serial Cast, Twist, Story, And Written Update

Yeh hain chahatein is an Indian drama serial released on December 19, 2019 on star plus. It is also streamed on Hot star and Disney+. It is produced by Ekta Kapoor under the production of Balaji Telefilms.

Yeh Hai Chahatein (Star Plus) TV Serial Cast, Twist, Story, Wiki & More

    Name  Yeh Hain Chahatein




   Directed by Neeraj Baliyan

 Ranjan Kumar Singh

 Vikas Rai

 Aashiesh Patel

   Written by  

 Dheeraj Sarna

   Creative director  Shivangi Babbar
 Country of origin  India 
 language  Hindi
 No. of episodes   755
Original network  Star plus
Running timing  20-24 minutes
 Camera setup  Multi-camera
 cinematography  Maneesh Malik Ashish Sharma

Yeh Hain Chahatein main cast

Here is the main cast of your favorite drama serial yeh hain chahatein.

Real name  Character name  Role
Sargun Kaur Luthra Dr. Preesha  Srinivasan Vasudha and Gopal’s daughter
Abrar qazi Rudraksh Khurana Rockstar
Vidhaan Sharma Saransh Srinivasan Preesha’s adoptive son
Sidharth Shivpuri  Yuvraj pillai   
Indira krishnan Vasudha Srinivasan Preesha’s Mother
Vijay kashyap Gopal krishna Srinivasan  Preesha’s father 
Aishwarya Sakhuja Ahana Kabir’s former wife
Swarna Pandey Ruhi Khurana  Preesha and Rudra’s daughter

Yeh hain chahatein Serial

In this serial, the story begins with the death of Mahima(preesha’s sister) death during giving birth to a baby. The whole family is in a shock and burst into tears. Preesha decides to raise her nephew(Saransh). Saransh is the fan of “Rudra Khurana” who is the famous rockstar. Saransh is the Rajeev,s son and Rudra’s nephew. Preesha’s friend Yuvraj when knows about the truth he starts blackmailing him and kills Rajeev. Rudra was burning with revenge. Rudra marries with preesha to take the custody of Saransh. They both start pretending to be a true lover. When doing this, they develop feelings for them. Saransh is kidnaped. They both find him and bring close to each other. When saransh returned home, Rudra enrolled him in a school. 

Preesha sees Yuvraj and ask him to stay away from her life. Rudra gets misunderstanding seeing them both together. He believe that she stills love Yuvraj and show his hatred for her. Rudra uses keerti to jealous preesha at his concert, keerti is murdered and blame goes on him. Preesha saves him and he confess his feelings for preesha and going for a honeymoon to start their relationship. Saransh’s mother(Mahima) returns and want to take back the custody of his son and won the case. 

Preesha and Rudra makes a plan. preesha falsely marries with Yuvraj and pretends to betray Rudra. Rudra also pretends to marry Mahima but Mahima gets to know their plan. she starts doing tricks and arrested. preeshaand  reunite and Rudra  are very happy with each other. Rudra finds his birth-mother(sulochana) and his half-brother(Kabir). They both returned for getting the property of rudra. Preesha knows their intentions but fails to tell Rudra. Kabir wants to marry ahana to complete his trick. Preesha tries to stop their marriage but she fails. Kabir and ahana get married and want to take the custody of saransh and kidnaps him. Saransh presumed to be dead. Rudra blames preesha for his son death and divorce her.

Preesha then lives in Goa with Armaan and his daughter Avni and raises her. Rudra sees them and assumed that they get married. He is also in a relationship with Devika to jealous preesha. Devika founds dead and preesha is arrested. Rudra saves preesha and they marry again each other. Saransh gets his memory back and his custody given to preesha and Rudra. Preesha’s brother(Venky) who was missing for last ten years is found. He is the cause of differences between his sister and Rudra. Venky kidnaps saransh and preesha was arrested and sentenced to death. Yuvraj helps preesha and take out her from jail. Preesha gets pregnant and give birth to a baby girl(Ruhi Khurana).

Rudra and preesha met each other after five years. Preesha hides Ruhi from Rudra but he knows that ruhi is his daughter when she needs blood. Children bring back to preesha in Khurana house and they are happily reunite. There is a cold war between Rudra and Preesha but they look happy in front of their children. Rudra gets to know that she is pregnant and takes care of her. She gives birth to a baby boy.

Yeh Hain Chahatein ruhi real name?

Swarna Pandey is the real name of Ruhi in Yeh hain Chahatein and her age is 10 years. 

Who killed Devika in Yeh Hain Chahatein?

Preesha is arrested for her death because according to forensic report there were the preesha’s fingerprints on her body. So it is supposed that preesha pushed Devika from the stairs but she dead accidently.

Who is Ruhi in Yeh Hain Chahatein?

Ruhi is preesha and Rudra’s daughter. She hides her from his father but ruhi is also a good singer. The bonding of father and daughter is so strong and rudra gets to know that Ruhi is her daughter when she needs blood.

Who killed Balraj in Yeh Hain Chahatein?

Rudra is arrested for Balraj murder but he is innocent. Mahima plans to kill him to frame Rudra because there was no other way to trap him. Preesha tries her best to save Rudra and expose Mahima.

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