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Star Bharat Serial Dheere Dheere Se Latest Twist: Bhawana files case against Bansi

The Last Year on 12th December, Star Bharat launched a new family-Romatic drama serial entitled ‘Aashao ka Savera. The Plot of the serial Aashao ka saver ais famously known as Dheere Dheere Se starts with the life story of Bhawana. She is a widow but is willing to move on in her life so she can live happily. The sudden death of her husband caused a lot of turmoil and pain. And she can not live her whole life carrying that pain inside her. Reena Kapoor and Rahil Azam are playing the main lead roles but Ruhi Chaturvedi and Vijay Badlani are also performing their character along with the Main stars.

Dheere Dheere Se hotstar serial

Dheere Dheere Se Serial Cast Details: Star Bharat

Moreover, India’s famous actor Rahil Azam is famous for his acting skills. He is playing the male lead role in Dheere Dheere Se and his character’s name is Raghav Srivastav. This drama serial is produced by the famous production company Swastik Productions. They have launched  RadhaKrishn. Jai Kahaia Lal ki, and Netha serials under the banner of Swastik. And these are also one of their best serials.  Aashao Ka Savera is surely a full-fledged Hindi serial different from their other serials. Which are full of supernatural imagery and 3D images. The creator of this show, Siddharth Kumar Tiwari was very passionate about this serial popularity. But Katha Ankahee and Dhruv Tar have made their name on Top of the BARC Charts.

Furthermore, This drama serial promo first launched on its Instagram official page Star Bharat and this serial went on air on 12th December 2022 at 9.30 PM. It made its place by replacing one of the Star Bharat’s famous shows ‘The Bahot Pyaar Karte Hain drama serial. Moreover, this Hindi serial is full of the theme of Love and sacrifice. And also focuses on breaking the societal norms set against widow women, That these women have no right to get married and love someone for the second time in their lives. Though, Coming out of our loved ones’ turmoil and memories is never easy but not giving them a chance to yourself is wrong. Here is the detailed description of the Star Bharat daily soap Dheere Dheere Se series.

Aashao Ka Savera-Dheere Dheere Se Serial Details:

Serial Name Dheere Dheere Se
Show Timings Monday to Friday at 9:30 pm
Channel Star Bharat
Running Time


20-24 Minutes


Starting Date 12 December 2022
Total Episodes 102- Present

Dheere Dheere Se Serial Written Story: Star Bharat

In Dheere Dheere Se Serial Rahil Azam and Reena Kapoor are seen working together under one roof of the Star Bharat channel. Though, Reena Kapoor is not famous for Dheere Dheere Se. But she gained immense popularity from her previous serial ‘Woh Rehne Wali Mahlon Ki Se. While Rahil Azam had so many popular hit shows list in which Maddam sir and his super fictional character of Hatim were memorable.

This drama serial story centers around Bhawana and Raghav who are trying to cope with their lives after the loss of their loved ones in their families. Bhawana has lost her husband and is going through a lot of pain and mental trauma. But the story focuses on how will she react when her fate brings her the chance to marry again. Will she give her love life a second chance or rejects it because of societal pressure?

The first episode of the drama series starts with Bhawana who is working in her kitchen. And making food for everyone. She has been wearing a white saree and is trying to hold the things. Everyone around her seems to be not interested in realizing how much in pain she is.

Meanwhile, at night she recalls her happy moments with her late husband. That is how much happy she was and it was just the beginning of her life and Bhagwan has taken her happiness from her. She remembers how supportive her husband was and each time he used to encourage her to live happily. He was the one who was helping her come out of her fears. But her life takes a huge turn down when he meets an accident. And people bring his dead body home for the last rituals to perform.

Bhawna’s Brother-in-law teases her for Money:

Every day becomes challenging for her to survive. Things she loved to keep for herself as his memories, her family members have started taking from her. By telling her that she does not need them because her husband is no more. Her life gets entangled when she meets Raghav. She does know that he is the man fate has chosen for her. And it is Raghav who will bring Love, respect, and security back into her life.

Though, Bhawana is not living her life barely because her husband has left some fortune in her name. They had a daughter named ‘Aanchal and through her father’s property every month Bhawana receives a pay cheque. Which helps them to survive. But most of the time, her family members try to take that right from her too.

Moreover, Rather than supporting Bhawana and her daughter, Bhawna’s brother-in-law can not bear the cheque in her name because he is a selfish man and wants the money for himself. Well, that is not strange because in Asian societies men want to dominate women even if she is their daughter, wife, or their sister-in-law. And when it comes to the matter of money, everyone is selfish and wants power.

Raghav and Bhawna’s Love Story: Dheere Dheere Se

Furthermore, As the story unfolds Bhawana and Angad start to know each other. In one of the episodes, Bhawana falls unconscious on the road because of her worries. And meanwhile, Raghav in his car sees someone fainting on the road, when he goes near her he finds out she is Bhawana. He immediately takes her to the hospital and from there, their story starts. Talking About Raghav’s life, he is a very gentle man. He is single and is not willing to get married in his life ever. Though he is a lawyer he always stays strong for the rights of women.

In the recent episodes, when Raghav was advising his sister to be an independent and strong woman in her life. His motivational words give strength to Bhawana. Meanwhile, Bhabi and Vidya are working against Bhawana and they are trying their best to humiliate her each time.

On the other side, Raghav offers a paper spray to Dimple so she can save herself anytime she gets in danger. Because she does not know at that time if someone arrives for her help or not. But she must be strong enough to save herself from any situation. Dimple happily takes the spray and keeps it in her bag. And she also says thanks to him for his support and help. Raghav interrupts and says she does not need to say thanks to him because teaching the right thing to someone is his responsibility. He also appreciates Abhi for saving his sister’s life. Meanwhile, Raghav goes to the police station and there he sees Bhawana talking to the police. And request them to find Bansi because that culprit keeps on creating trouble in her life.

Dheere Dheere Se FMN Rating and TRPs Rank:

Furthermore, this drama serial is produced by Swastik company, and no doubt they had already launched so many hit series like Radha Krishna which launched on Stra Bharta. Later, on Stra Plus Navya and Mahabharat are their high TRP serials. This serial Dheere Dheere Se is also expected to gain a high TRPS ranking in the upcoming days of 2023. Because this serial has Reena as Bhawana and Raghav.

Another Positive point, if we notice is that the TRPs game changes every week. And Katha Ankahee, Dhruv Tara, Anupama, and Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai have been maintaining their position in the TOP 5 TRPs Hindi Serials list from the beginning. But Aashaon Ka Savera’s story connects with every local and common man and woman. This show is nevertheless the best mainstream serial. But hoping that Dheere Dheere will mark back its place back and raise from 0.2 FMN rating soon.

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