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Star Plus Faltu Serial Written Update: Tanisha Traps Faltu and Ayaan to Take Her Revenge

Faltu is a Family Hindi serial that went on air on 2 November 2022. It was first aired on Star Plus under the curtains of Boyhood Productions. This serial casts Niharika Chouksey as the female lead and Aakash Ahuja as the male lead in the Faltu show. It also streams digitally on Disney+ Hostar daily.

This Hindi serial revolves around the life journey of a female protagonist Faltu and her passions. She is a beautiful and strong girl but she is always rejected by her family because of her gender. Her mother wanted a boy and when she was born. It was her mother who names her Faltu which means ‘Useless. No one has given her a proper name nor her father and that’s how she became famous as Faltu’s girl. The story took place in Rajasthan small village. The place where Faltu lives with her other three younger sisters and parents. She is always humiliated and rejected by everyone for being a girl.

Star Plus Serial ‘Faltu Written Story: Disney+ Hotstar

Furthermore, Her mother’s anger toward her causes her huge problems in the town. Everyone around her only appreciates boys and focuses on their education. But women are always degraded and confined in the four walls of their houses. In Rajasthani culture. Men hold the power and women are there just to serve the men. But Faltu’ is the only girl among her sisters who rejects this gender discrimination ideology. She is a believer and a passionate cricketer. No one is aware of her hidden love for Cricket.

The plot of the serial takes a huge turn when Faltu meets Ayaan Mital. Ayaan Mital is Faltu’s future and security. His entry into her life changes everything. He is a handsome and talented man. Also, he is the son of a famous Cricketer Mital Sahab. Though, Mital notices Faltu’s skills and offers her to be a part of his coaching sessions. From here the gateway to Faltu’s success opens. She realizes her worth and skills. Later in the serial, Ayaan starts supporting Faltu and is impressed by her innocence and simplicity, and soon falls in love with her.

The First episode of the Faltu serial starts when the third girl was born in a Rajasthani family, who was expecting twin boys. The birth of a third daughter disappoints everyone, especially the girl’s mother. And she names her ‘Faltu. While growing up in a ruler, uneducated family Faltu had to face a lot of challenges and problems to secure her place in the town. Her other two sisters were younger than her. But she did not have similar personality traits as her other two sisters.

Faltu’s Struggles in Rajasthani Community:

In Asian countries, it is still common to get girls married before their legal age. But this idea of marriage was rejected by Faltu. She hated when her parents starts talking about her sister’s marriage.  Also, her love interest for Cricket also brought her distress and humiliation. Even her cousin Pratap was his age. But he always received appreciation from everyone. Though he was a useless kid. But no one ever questioned his abilities because he was a boy. And no one can dare to question the opposite gender. Her father did not allow her to play cricket nor did they ever let her buy those stuff. To fulfill her dreams she always used wood sticks and buckets as her items.

Meanwhile, Ayaan Mital is in a relationship with his friend Tanisha. But along with his cousin Suhana, he visits Rajasthan for promoting his campaign, He also visits Faltu’s village and there he sees Faltu’s hidden talent. And he offers her his help that will train her so she can make her dreams come true. Ayaan’s offer shocks everyone in the town and this clearly showed that Ayaan was the one who can help Faltu break all these stereotypical societal norms.

Ayaan and Faltu’s Love Story:

Furthermore, When Faltu’s mother hears about her passion and Ayaan’s offer she decides to get married to an old man named ‘Pappi. Meanwhile, the bonding between Ayaan and Faltu was growing stronger and they both were falling in love with each other. Tunisha feels insecure to see Ayaan supporting Faltu. When Ayaan knows about Faltu’s marriage he requests her to run away with him. And she also accepts his proposal and runs away from her marriage. Ayaan brings her to Mumbai and helps her to stay with his closest aunt Rijwala. But Papi follows her and reaches Rajiwlas home. But Ayaan takes her away from there and gets her enrolled in the Women’s National Cricket Academy so she can easily follow her dream.

Though in Ayaan’s family, no one knows that he has helped Faltu flee from her own wedding but Tunsiha exposes his truth in the family. Ayaan brings Faltu to his home but his family throws her out of their house and she starts living on the streets. Meanwhile, Papi also finds Faltu’s location and he tries to forcefully marry her. But Ayaan receives a call about Faltu’s location and they inform him about Faltu’s marriage. Ayaan worriedly rushes to save Faltu with the help of his girlfriend Tunisha. When he reached the mandir he sees Pappi forcing Faltu to be his wife.

Faltu Loses her Eye-sight during her marriage with Ayaan:

Meanwhile, they both start fighting and accidently Ayaan puts Vermiiliion on her forehead and she becomes his wife. During their fight, she hits her head and gets blind. To save herself she runs from there. Ayaan and Pappi both get to jail by the police but Faltu runs away into the jungle unknowingly. After seeing, Ayaan’s distress and worries about Faltu’s absence. Tunisha requests the police to share any information they receive about Faltu with her. Furthermore, Faltu has been trying to maintain a distance from Ayaan and is kept on hiding from the police. Because through them, Ayaan can get back to her. And this time he does not want him around her. But realizes the Mangla sutra and sindoor on his forehead that accidently Ayaan puts on her.

Disney+ Hotstar: Faltu on Star Plus Drama Details

Television Show Faltu
Main Star Cast                                             Niharika Chouksey

Aakash Ahuja

Country                                         India
Language                                      Hindi
Network                                        Star Plus




Release Date & Timing 2 November 2022, 9:00 Pm
Running Time 22 minutes

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