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Sony LIV Katha Ankahee Latest Twist: Katha finds out about Viaan’s secret Love

Katha Ankahee is a Hindi drama which is based on a Turkish serial named ‘Binbir Gece’. The storyline is taken from the Arabian delights which are full of multiple stories collection. Binbir Gece is a Turkish language drama but later it was dubbed into English dialect. One Thousand and One Nights are a classic English series name. But, in 2022 this tale was directed in the Hindi-Indian language, known as ‘Katha Ankahee. Katha Ankahee is broadcasted on Sony Liv channel on 5 December 2022.

Katha Ankahee serial cast

This serial casts India’s most famous actresses ‘Aditi Sharma and Adnan Khan as the leading stars of the story. Their performances have always won the hearts of millions of people all around the world. In ‘The Katha Ankahee serial, Aditi Sharma is playing her role as ‘Katha Mishra, and Viaan’s character is played by Adnan Khan.  She is a famous architect and a widower. After the birth of her son, her husband Adi Mishra died in a car accident.  All those years she has been raising her son ‘Aarav alone. Aarav is a 7-year-old and is suffering from Leukemia’ at the last stage.

Katha Ankahee Sony Liv Written Story:

Katha Ankahe First episode starts with her efforts to make her living better. At the same time, she has been doing multiple jobs to save money for her son’s treatment. Though, she had a father-in-law Mr.Mishra. And he is a successful businessman. But his hatred towards Katha was from the beginning of her marriage. He did not accept her as his daughter-in-law. As the story progress, it is revealed that Katha urgently needed money but there was no one who could help her. She joins ‘Earth Con company with a little hope that after her prohibition period, she will ask for a loan.

Viaan Raghovanchi is the CEO of Earth Con company. He is a successful entrepreneur and works alongside his best friend ‘Ehsan Contractor.  He is a very cold, womanhater and arrogant boss because of his past experiences. Vian’s father left him and his mother for another woman. When he meets Katha, a wave of emotions raises in his heart. Her loyalty and hard work make him get attracted to her. But the situation gets worsen when he offers a stupid deal to Katha, just to judge her dignity.

Katha requests Viaan for a 1 Million Loan:

However, The story revolves mainly revolves around Katha and Viaan but it is not only focused on them too. In this show, all the woman characters are full of strength, empowerment, and determination. They all break the old stereotype related to women in our Asian societies. Katha gets devastated by life when had no other way left except to accept Viaan’s offer. Banks refuse to give her a loan, and Viaan’s company refuses to give her a handful amount as she is a new employee.

But Pyramid Scheme Limited offers her Ten Million Rupees in exchange for Dubai heritage project designs. As Katha is the lead designer in Earthcon and is the head of the Dubai heritage project. But she refuses his offer and chooses loyalty over money. If she wanted she would have chosen money for her son’s Cancer treatment and given up Viaan’s company.

Katha Accepts Viaan’s offer: Katha Ankahee Twist

In the previous Episode, Viaan offers Katha 1 Million rupees in exchange for one Nightstand with him. Upon hearing this offer Katha bursts into anger and shouts at Viaan. Vian feels comforted after seeing her aggression and believes that she is a good woman, not a gold-digger. But at the last moment, Katha changes her mind because she could not lose her son. Aarav was the only hope in her life after her husband’s death. If he had died she would have died too in pain. On the other hand, Mr.Mishra also refuses to help her and his grandchild. Katha accepts his proposal and agrees to the one-night stand in exchange for money. In all those 1001 nights, 1 night brought huge distress in their lives. Katha lost her dignity and strength. And Viaan loses his belief in women once again. All women work for money and are gold-diggers became true after her acceptance.

But as the story grows, Viaan learns Katha was an innocent woman. She was doing this for her son’s life and any mother would have done the same for her child. Things get better in Katha’s life too after her son’s treatment. Aarav was live a healthy life and he gets back his lost relations, his grandmother too. Mrs. Kavita Agarwal apologizes katha for their absence in her struggles. She also promises her grandson that she will bring her grandfather back to him too.

Viaan Apologizes Katha: SonySab

However, Katha is the first daughter-in-law of the Garewl family. But Kavita’s stepdaughter-in-law Reet is a very selfish and cunning woman. She holds grudges and anger toward her. And her only aim is to keep all the power under her name. When she sees katha at Kavita’s birthday party with her son, she gets jealous. Reet not only tries to degrade and humiliate Katha but in the recent Episodes, she tries to manipulate Viaan’s mother too against Katha. Katha and Viaan work in the same company and they agreed on not interacting directly wth each other because of viaan’s act. Katha holds anger in her heart but after knowing her reality, Viaan burst into tears. His identity shelters and heart into pieces how can he be so cruel towards a needy woman?

After knowing the reality, Viaan tries each time to apologize to Katha for his act. Ut she refuses to forgive him. But as time passes, Viaan’s efforts create a smooth place in Katha’s heart. Also, when Ehsan tells Katha about Vian’s past, she understands his mental situation too.

Katha Ankahee Latest Episode Written Update:

In the recent Episodoses, when everything was going superbly smoothly and in both Viaan and Katha’s favor. Viaan’s ex-employe who lost her job for her misbehaviors joins back. Viaan gives her a chance because he received a chance from katha too for his misbehavior. And this time he wanted Shamita to prove herself too worthy of getting a chance. He hires her back in Earthcon but her aims were different. And Viaan was unaware of them.

Shamita traps Viaan in a sexual harassment case. She tells the whole staff that Viaan has sent her a message to spend a night with her. After hearing that, Katha loses her trust again from Viaan and starts believing that he has done the same to her. And he can do this again with anyone else too. But deep inside her heart, she knew there was something fishy. She wanted to believe Shamita but on the other side, she wanted to trust Vian too. But all the shreds of evidence were against him.

Katha Saves Viaan in Sexual Harassment case:

Moreover, the day Shamita blames him, Katha and Viaan had a dinner date. But all of his efforts go in vain after that incident. Earth Con Commite decides to make Katha the judge and to investigate the whole case. Vian’s mother requests katha to help him out of the way. But she refuses to help him illegally. Though, Viaan was also sure that nothing can hurt him because he has not done anything wrong. He will only be punished for the sins he has done. When everything was going against Viaan, Katha remembers his video call with his friend Keet. Arav also helps her to find out the ways to solve the case properly.

In the Latest Katha Ankahee episodes, Katha proves Viaan innocent with solid proof. The whole team decides to take legal action against Shamita but Viaan refuses to drag the matter anymore. And he requests all of the committee members not to make this issue a huge topic and also promises Shamita to give her a recommendation letter. So, she can continue her professional journey successfully. Everyone gets surprised along with Katha.

Katha Ankahee (1001 Nights) Cast, Name:

Aditi Sharma, Adnan Khan, Sheen Dass, Ajinkya Mishra

Upcoming Episode Written Story: Katha Ankahee

In the Upcoming Episodes of Katha Ankahee, Aarav demands Viaan go on a trip along with his mother. Tough, Viaan, Aarav, and Katha are unaware of the fact that Arav is Viaan’s friend. And Katha is Viaan’s employee. Also, Arav is the son of Katha. How these three will react when they will find out how destiny has connected these three all the time? Katha and Viaan are falling in love with time. Their friendship and belief in each other are getting stronger day by day. But the Future story is still unpredictable that what Ehsan will do when he finds out about their closeness. And will, Mr.Mishra, Aarav and Viaan’s mother will accept their relationship or not?

To find that out, Stay Connected with us for more exciting Katha Ankahee Future stories, Twists, and News!

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