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Dhruv Tara Serial Upcoming Twist: Dhruv marries Tara

Dhruv Tara is a Romantic Hindi-Indian language serial that premiered on 20th February 2023. It premiered on Sony SAB under the banner of Shashi Sumeet productions. This drama serial is directed by Sumeet and Shashi Mittal.

This drama serial casts Ishaan Dhawan and Riya Sharma as the leading cast. Their performances have honestly added a deeper sense and depth to their story. The whole Romantic-Love story of this serial mainly revolves around ‘Dhruv Tara’. Both ‘Dhruv and ‘Tara belong to two different eras, One is from the 17th century and the other is from the 20th century. Also, Dhruv’s character is played by Ishaan Dhawan and Tarapriya’s character is stunningly performed by Riya Sharma.

Dhruv Tara serial cast

Dhruv Tara- Samay Sadi Se Pare’ Serial Written Story:

The First Episode of Dhruv Tara’ started with the hilarious entry of 17th Century ‘Princes Tara. She is shown as a very beautiful and strong princess. She learns secretly the skill of ‘Vaidya’ with the help of her loving brother ‘Prince Mahaveer. In the first episode, she takes the risk to go to Navrangvan to take the herbs. For 17th-century people ‘The Navrang van is a cursed place. It is famous those who go there will never come back. Her brother Mahveer wishes her to become a Vaidya but her father ‘King Udaybhaan (Yash Tonk) is against woman education. Meanwhile, Udaybhaan’s horse ‘Bali loses consciousness and it was suggested by King’s soldier ‘Samrat’ to kill him. But Mahaveer requests his father to give a chance to him to save him.

Further, Mhaveer happily tells Taru that it is her chance to prove herself as a great Vidya. And in return, she can ask anything from her king. He also suggests her to take permission from her father to become a Vaidya. At the end of the competition, Tara wins. But rather than granting permission for herself, she requests her father to allow her brother to marry his love-life ‘Anusuya. Well, Anusya is Tara’s best friend. While everything was going perfectly, at the event her brother collapse on the floor. And the Vaids tell them, her brother is suffering from Cancer, and in the 17th century its treatment is still not discovered. Upon knowing that, Tara did not lose her strength and takes promised to her god ‘Kanha to help her find a way. So, she can help her brother get better.

Tarapriya goes to Navrangvan to save Mahaveer:

Meanwhile, the same day, when Tara was riding the horse, her dupatta flew away and goes to Navrangvaan. Dhruv’s first look was shown in Agra in front of the Taj Mahal when an unidentified dupatta comes at him. He gets shocked to see where that came from because no one was there except him too. Coming back to the 17th century, Tara’s mother ‘Rani Kanupriya (Narayani Shashtri) sends a hidden letter to Tara and asks her to meet her. Because she knows where Tara can find the cure for her loving brother’s illness. She advises Tara to travel into the 21st century to find the cure. And Navrang van’ is the place which will take her there. But before Rani Kanupriya tells her the way to come back home, Senapati arrives and arrests Tara at the order of the King.

Later in front of the King, Senapati discloses Tara’s secret about Vaidya and also puts a blame on her for being in a relationship with him. Udaybhaan gets angry and decides to give punishment to Tara. Upon that, the wicked soldier of the king, demands he gets married to Princes Tara.

At the wedding event, Tara runs away from her Walapgarh’ and goes to Navrangvaan. In her wedding dress, she reaches the 21st century. Where she is saved by Dhruv from the train. Dhruv thinks she is the psycho patient who has run away from the hospital. Because he could not believe Tara’s reality. Tara was talking differently about things that make him suspicious of her. Well, he takes her to a mental hospital and leaves.

Dhruv Saves Tara from Sushila’s anger: DhruvTara

But later, The doctor informs him that she was not the ill patient they were looking for. After a lot of hurdles Tara meets Dhruv at the Mandir. They both play the role of Krishna and Radha unknowingly. There, Tara finds out Dhruv is a neurosurgeon. Meanwhile, Tara did not know how to find Dhruv and on her way, she meets Dhruv’s grandparents. And they secretly take her to Dhruv’s home. But this did not work for more time. The next day she was caught by Ayesha.

Though, Ayesha is Dhruv’s Ex-girlfriend and is married to Dhruv’s cousin Jay. But she can not bear someone closer to Dhruv. She informs everyone about Tara’s presence at her home. And Dhruv’s insecure mother starts hating Tara without any reason. His mother throws Tara out of the house but Dhruv requests his mother to keep her at the home for some days. Because she had no other home in Agra to stay.

Dhruv Tara: Tara requests Dhruv to Celebrate Holy Festival

Tara accepts sushila’s demands and decides to work for them as a maid. She cooks them food that amazes everyone’s mind because of its taste. Except for Shushila, everyone in the house starts admiring Tara’s efforts and her loyalty, including Dhruv.

Shushila had a traumatic past. Her husband left her for another woman. And her hatred towards Tara is unjustified but her trust issues regarding other women’ are at some point to some extent. And in Tara’s case, she entered her home and Dhruv’s life without her consent. She becomes furious and insecure that Tara might take her son also from her. But Tara decides to help Dhruv to celebrate the Holy Festival and makes him realize that they must leave the past behind. And he should help his mother to move out of her past and celebrate her life.

Tara Kindnaps Dhruv: Big Twist

But everything in Tara’s life takes a huge turn when she attempts to kidnap Dhruv, just to take him to the 17th century. She leaves a letter behind which mentions that ‘I am taking Dhruv with me. But I promise he will come back soon to his family after the work is done. The latter is found by Ayesha and she tells everyone at home. Sushila also shouts at her own mother for taking Tara with her. Ayesha along with Jay goes to find Dhruv. Meanwhile, Sushila locks herself in the room.

When Tara goes to the railway station to find Mark back at her home. Her heart gets broken when she finds out there was no mark that will take her back to the 17th century. Meanwhile, Dhruv gains consciousness and asks Tara how did she take him here. Before Tara explains the reason, Ayesha and Jay catch them and take them home. Upon seeing Sushila in a traumatic situation, Dhruv hides the reality from his mother to save Tara. Later, Tara tells everything to Dhruv and requests him to find ‘Navrangvan for her.

Dhruv Tara – Samay Sadi Se Pare: Cast Photos

 Ishaan Dhawan





Role as Dr. Dhruv Saxena, Age 27 years                                                         

 Riya Sharma





Role as Rajkumari Tarapriya Singh, Age 25 years

Dhruv Tara Upcoming Episode Written Update:

In the upcoming Episodes, She has managed to find a way back to her home through Navrangvan. But her kingdom has taken a collapse, and her father’s soldier’ Samrat is declared as the new king. Though Mahaveer requests his father to not take this decision he does not listen to him. On the other side in the 21st century, Tara reaches Navrangvan but could not open the doors back to her home. On the next day, she puts herself in huge trouble. She gets arrested by the police for beating a man. But except of taking wise action, Tara runs away from police custody. Dhruv who was in search of Tara finds her. But this time, Dhruv has to marry her to save her from the police. Will Sushila accept Dhruv’s marriage with Tara or she will become a new obstacle to Tara’s aim?

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