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Dharam Patni Serial Written Story:

Dharam Patni is an Indian television drama. The story centered around the married life of a business tycoon and a school teacher. This show premiered on 28th November 2022. Shobha Kapoor and Ekta Kapoor is the producer of the serial which is created under the cover of Balaji Telefilms.  This drama’s cast is going to be studded with well know actors Farmaan Khan and Kritika Singh Yadav as Ravi and  Pritiksha.

Piyar Ke Saat Vachan is a story about a girl named Pritiksha who is a school teacher. She loves her family more than anything else. Her family includes her father, mother, and two sisters. She is about to get married to a man of her parent’s choice. Although, Pari and Neeti are her best friends. But, Her fiancée Dhawal’s parents are very greedy. They demand new jewelry sets just two days before the marriage. After the present event, Pritiksha’s parents went to the mall to buy jewelry and get attacked by the goons.  Unfortunately, they die while saving other hostages. Pritiksha feels devastated. And, The marriage gets postponed also.

Pritiksha calls off her wedding with Dhawal:

After some time, Dhawal parents come and ask for marriage. Pritiksha agrees to marry as it was the last wish of her parents. But on the wedding day, Dhawal parents ask for Pritiksha’s property and want this property under the name of Dhawal. But there gets a fight between Dhawal parents and Pritiksha’s chachi, Hasna. Hasna has already an eye on the property. Pritiksha when learning about it calls off marriage by saying she has already lost her parents due to their greed.

After this, they leave for Chandigarh. Hasna wants Pritiksha to get married to Malhar. Malhar is her Nephew. She thinks it is an easy way to get the property. But Rashik, Pritiksha’s chacha doesn’t agree with the proposal as he considers Malhar a spoiled youngster. Hasna asks Malhar to rescue Pritiksha as she will make her lose the way to go home. While Pritiksha while finding her way to go home, gets kidnapped. Keerti who is a brave girl running an NGO is following the goons as they have kidnapped her NGO girls. She calls Ravi for help. Ravi reaches there to help Kreeti but due to darkness, he helps Pritiksha by thinking of his lover KerIti. Pritiksha is very thankful to Ravi. And this is the very first time they meet each other.

Ravi Gets the Ring out of Pritiksha’s hand:

Malhar arrives to save Pritiksha but is beaten by Ravi as he thinks of him as a goon. But after some time Malhar manages to convince them and takes Pritiksha with him. After a series of events, Hasna succeeds in convincing Rashik through emotional blackmail. He ask Pritiksha to marry Malhar. Pritiksha agrees. Ravi meets Pritiksha again and this time he purposes to her mistakenly thinking of her Keerti.

Later, Ravi purposes to Kreeti and she agrees.  Both couples are set to get engaged. Keerti goes to get a ring but sees Ragu, the goon there, and goes behind him to capture him. Pritiksha comes to the shop with her sister. She like the same ring that Kreeti had chosen already. The ring stuck in her hand. Ravi sees the ring in her hand and says Kreeti had already selected this ring. Pritiksha tries to pull off the ring from her hands but it is stuck. Ravi helps her. Aadi, the brother of Ravi misunderstands him when he sees him with Pritiksha. But later Ravi tells him it was nothing he was just here to get the ring.

Kreeti dies in an Accident: Dharam Patnii Twist

Later their marriage is set to happen on the same dates. And the marriage venue is also the same. The first floor was set for Malhar and Pritiksha whereas the second story was for Ravi and Kreeti. Kavya is Kreeti’s sister and had a crush on Ravi since their college days. But Ravi does not like her and loves Kreeti. On Mehndi, Kavya argues with Kreeti about what comes between her and Ravi. Kavya wants Kreeti to call off the marriage so she can marry Ravi.

But Kreeti refuses to give this sacrifice because she adores Ravi. Later, Preeti sees Ragu there and gets shocked and thinks what is Ragu doing there? She goes behind him but he kidnaps her and locks him in a room as Kreeti has filed a case against them. He along with two, or three men decides to kill Kreeti. Kreeti begs him to leave her as this is her wedding day. But the brutal people killed her.

Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharam Patni Serial Colors TV Details:

Serial Name  Dharam Patni
Main Cast                                                   Kritika Singh Yadav

Fahmaan Khan

Country                                         India
Language                                      Hindi
Network                                        Colors TV
Channel                                   Voot
Release Date & Timing   


28 November 2022, 8:30 Pm
Recurring Cast

Telecast Days



Akash Jagga
Gurpreet Bedi
Utkarsha Naik
Vijay BadlaniMonday-Saturday


Pritiksha and Ravi’s marriage: Latest Twist

Moreover, Ravi was shattered after listening to this news. He couldn’t believe the news at first. After a great period of depression, Ravi gets out of this phase and decides to take revenge for Kreeti’s death. Police are already searching for the criminal. In a CCTV Ravi sees Pritiksha, she is wearing the same earring that he found in the room where Kreeti was killed. His one earring is missing from the CCTV. But the Police didn’t consider this proof as Ravi takes away Jhumka with himself.

Though, It is not allowed to take anything from the place of the incident. But Ravi believes that it is Pritiksha who is a criminal. He starts hating Pritiksha and is planning to take revenge. Finally, he gets a chance when he listens to her marriage with Malhar. Ravi’s parents fix his wedding with Kavya. Both marriages are set on the same date. But Ravi, in his anger decides to marry Pritiksha. He wants to destroy her life.  On the wedding day, he kidnaps Malhar, wears his clothes, and sits in Mandap.

Kavya Attempts Suicide:

Later he takes Pritiksha with him at gunpoint. He tries to hurt her by saying bad about her. Pratisksha is still confused about why is he doing this. On the other side, when Ravi doesn’t arrive at the wedding, Kavya gets devasted. Her parents are in great anger. When Ravi takes Pritiksha home, everyone in the family bashed her. Kavya attempts suicide but is saved.

Furthermore, , Pritiksha is thrown out of the house. And again Kavya and Ravi’s marriage is fixed. Ravi develops no feelings for Pritiksha and still hates her. He is marrying Kavya even though he knows Pritiksha is his wife. Sanju tries to make him realize but he doesn’t want to listen to anything. Sanju is Neeti’s husband but falls in love with Pari. Pari and Neeti are friends. But Pari is going to be the mother of Sanju’s child and this hurts Neeti. Neeti’s mother in anger hires Ragu to kill Pari in an accident but Pari was saved by Aadi.

Preetiksha Plans to Stop Ravi’s Marriage with Kavya:

In the latest episodes, Kavya and Ravi are getting married. But Neeti says to Pritiksha that you have to save your marriage no matter what because Ravi is your husband. So Pari, Neeti, and Pritiksha made a plan that Pritiksha will secretly sit on Mandap instead of Kavya. On the wedding day, Pari and Neeti help Pritiksha to sit in Mandap by locking Kavya in a room. But Neeti’s mother again plans to kill Pari. This time they plan to put Chandelier on her. So, she comes along with Ragu and introduces him as his servant. Later, when the Chandelier falls on Pari, Sanju manages to save her.

In the upcoming episodes, what will happen next? Will Pritiksha succeed in remarrying Ravi? And will Sanju catch the person who is trying to kill Pari?

To find that out, Stay Connected with us for more exciting Dharam Patni Future stories, Twists, and News!


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