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Sony SAB Pusha Impossible Serial Latest Twist: Dilip’s Entry Made Pushpa Insecure

Pusha Impossible Serial Written Story:

Pushpa Impossible is an Indian drama. It has a very unique storyline of a middle-aged woman who has studied till 9th in a Gujarati medium school. Now goes back to school at the age of 45 and is in the class fellow of her youngest Daughter Rashmi. It is a Sony TV series that telecasts every Monday- Saturday at 9:30 PM.

This story shows how much Pushpa struggles with her studies and overcomes other challenges in her life. She is a strong-willed, fun-loving, and self-made woman who sets out on an unconventional path to get a life of respect and dignity, This drama is produced by Jamnadas series under Hats off Production. It premiered on 6 June 2022.

The drama series starts with the character of Pushpa. As Pushpa Randeriya Patel is a middle-aged woman. She lives in a chawl along with three children after the death of her husband. And, Her eldest son, Ashwin is an employee. Her son Chiragh is a college student and his youngest daughter is a 10th-grade student. Though, His former husband did fraud on her and died later. That day,  Pushpa and her children move to Mumbai after his death.

Pushpa Impossible serial cast

Pushpa gets Admission to the School:

Here she runs a tiffin service from home to provide for her children. She always wishes to see her kids respect her for who she is. But she thinks it is only possible through education as her children always insult her for being illiterate. She manages to get admission to Nirmala Ninanvati School. Here she was supported by her mentor Radha Tai, Dipti, and Nirmala School’s trustee Ashutosh Nanavanti.

The trial starts when her Chawal Owner asks to vacate her house. And, She blames Chiragh for always stealing shirts from Munna’s shop. Moreover, Pushpa challenges Narhari in the high court but unfortunately loses the case against her. But later with the help of Advocate Daminin Mehra,  she exposes many frauds of Narhari and her lawyer. Thus they are arrested. But to save the reputation of Sushila and Pratharna. Pushpa bails him out and warns him to not trouble anyone again residing in the chawl.

Twist: The school’s management decides to Expel Pushpa

Aashwin and Deepti got suspended from the office. It is because Pramod says he has seen Ashwin offering a bribe to a government employee. Later Parmod was exposed and he got suspended. Ashwin and Deepti resume their jobs with promotions. Ashwin and Deepti get married. Rashi gets trapped by her schoolmate Aryan who tries to spoil his school reputation but later was expelled from school.

Moreover, Pramod decides to take revenge for his son’s expulsion from school and his suspension from office. He publishes an article against Pushpa in which he states that Puspa’s admission at this age is an illegal offense. As a result, the parents of other students demand to expel Puspa from school. But before this happens, an incident takes place. Some children fainted in school due to food poisoning after having lunch in the school canteen. Pushpa saves these children which leads parents to realize their mistakes and Puspa continues with the study.

Dilip’s Entry: Puspa Fails the Test

The school trustee gives Puspa an opportunity to fix her place permanently at school. They ask her to give a quarterly unit test. Puspaa burns the midnight oil to pass the test but fails in 3 subjects out of 7. She was ordered to leave the school.  But she wasn’t hopeless. She thinks that this is not the dead end of life.  But then Miracle happens and Nanavati receives a call from Canada about how much they like the concept of admitting Puspa ji at this age. And they want to give a grant of 25 thousand dollars.

The twist in the story comes when Dilip returns who was assumed to be dead. But this time he is a businessman with a new name Dharam Raidhan. He is the father of Ashwin’s boss named Manasi Raidhan. He comes to India because he was told that Manasi is kidnapped. When he reaches India he meets an accident which was planned by Jogi. He was admitted to the hospital. Jogi comes to kill him in the hospital but instead got arrested by DCP.

The DCP comes to know about the collapse that happened 17 years ago and Dilip was convicted for it. And how the fire broke out and Dilip was presumed to be dead.  Dilip recovers and was discharged from the hospital. But Later wants to conduct a DNA test on Dilip Dilip bribes doctor and thus the result was negative. Dilip’s second wife, Vasundhara comes to India. She knows the truth about Dilip. Manasi is their stepdaughter of Dilip. It is from Vasundhara’s first marriage. After a series of events, the truth was exposed that the man was Dilip himself not any Dharam Raidhan. And later he gets arrested too.

Truth revealed that Dharam is Dilip

Later, Dharam comes back from jail. Rashi is confused about whether Dharam Raidhan is her father or not. She asks about this from Chiragh but he does not tell her anything and says He is not our father. Then she says, yes Chiragh you may be right because our father was a laborer and Dharam Raidhan is a business tycoon. What if Dharam Raidhan was her father then she be able to enjoy all the luxuries. She adds. Chiragh says you’re going on the wrong track. We can get all the luxuries by ourselves by working hard. Later Rashi comes to know the fact that Dharam Raidhan is actually Dilip, his father.

Out of curiosity, she reaches his father’s office but Pushpa reaches the spot. Rashi manages to hide. Pushpa yells at Dilip that why he wants his house. And why can’t he get out of his life? Dilip accepts his mistake in front of her but Puspa leaves in anger. After which Rashi also leaves.

Pushpa’s Children Take Stand for Her:

Later Dilip comes to Pushpa’s house and asks the driver to get the nameplate. Everyone gets shocked to see him there. Ashwin says that he will not allow anyone to get this house which my mother made after so many struggles. But then Dilip unpacks the nameplate which consists of Rashi Patel. Before Dilip replaces this nameplate Rashi says that She does not want this nameplate to be placed there. Because she has seen the struggles of her mother. And this house belongs to his mother. So what good he can do is to leave this house and Pushpa on their own.

Later, Sonal, Deepti’s mom asks Ashwin to be the Chief designer in her company and he agrees. Deepti is supposed to be expecting but later this proves wrong. Sonal is worried about Ashwin and Deepti’s careers. She wants Ashwin to be settled. Ashwin is working hard to improve his business.

Latest Episode Written Update: Pushpa Impossible

In the latest episodes, Ashwin is seen handling business so well. Deepti is confused if her pregnancy report comes positive then how will they manage it along with her career? But Ashwin says don’t worry we will together handle it. Pannu and Chiragh love each other. Meanwhile, a proposal for Pannu came and her parents are serious about it. But Pannu’s brother is aware of the fact that Pannu loves Chiragh. He talks to Chiragh and says that he will be happier if his sister gets a man whom she loves. On the other side, Pushpa and Rashi are having their board exam. Unfortunately, Pushpa gets late for her paper but finally gets into the center before the exam starts.

Now in the upcoming episodes what will happen will Pushpa and the children accept Dilip? Will Puspa pass the exams?

To find that out, Stay Connected with us for more exciting Pushpa Impossible Future stories, Twists, and News!

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