Ali Baba: Dastaan e Kabul vs EK Andaaz Andekha Serial Cast, Story, Name, & More

Ali Baba: Dastan e Kabul vs Ek Andaaz Andekha Written Story! 

Ali Baba is an Indian television series. It is based on the Arabian Nights character famously known as Ali Baba. The tale of this series revolves around an orphan Ali who is from Kabul. He faces a lot of challenges while trying to protect and take care of five other orphan children.

However,  this series has two seasons. The first Chapter premiered on 22 August 2022. And, Its main characters were Sheezan Muhammad Khan and Tunisha Sharma as Ali Baba and Shehzadi Mariam. Meanwhile, The second season premiered on 16 January 2023 with leading characters Abhishek Negham and Manul Chudasama. This drama is produced by Alind Srivastava and Nissar Pervaiz under the production of Peninsula Pictures.

Dastaan e Kabul vs EK Andaaz Andekha serial cast

Chapter 1: Dastan e Kaabul Serial Written Story

The story starts with Ali, a poor man who lives with five orphan kids which include Viz Gulrez, Imaad, Naafi, and Aifi. Despite being poor. Talking about his characterization, the role of Ali Baba is a very good person at heart but he is still unaware of his destiny and hidden powers.

Furthermore, His father was a great magician named Mustafa. He got killed while fighting with forty thieves and their leader Iblis. However, before his death, he made a prophecy that says Ali will complete the Legendary tale of Kabul. While Simsim is an antagonist in the story. And, He only adores and respects Iblis.

Though in order to help Iblish, Simsim decides to bring forty thieves back. So he decides to crack Moon and later gets succeed in it too. But no one knows that by doing so, Simsim has welcomed the chaos. On the other side, Princess Maryam loses her father. However, Her father dies while having a fight with his brother, Saddam. Since Saddam is a very clever man. And He wants to sit on the throne. Meanwhile, with the help of her caretaker, Marium manages to run away from there and later meets Ali.

Marium and Ali Love Story:

They gradually fall in love with one another.  Marium and the children reach Ali’s house. Later Ali and Simsim come in front of one another. Ali wins talisman over Savious of pervaz. On the other hand, Qasim gets skilled by Simsim and forty thieves. Ali promises to kill Simsim and forty thieves. In this, he enters his father’s magical world. After a series of events, he meets his father. He gives him Noor and tells him that it will work only with Talisman. Ali comes to know that Nazia has sold the Talisman. Therefore he decides to get Talisman back but fails and burns his face.

Simsim gets out of the cave. And reaches Parvaz as Simijaaan. She is on a mission to catch Rakshwala. She kidnaps Noora’s Dadi, Ali’s grandmother. Later she enters Mustafa’s magical world to find her answers.

Chapter 2: EK Andaaz Andekha

Chapter 2 of Ali Baba: Ek Andaaz Andekha starts with Simsim and Mustafa. In one of the episodes, Simsim asks Mustafa who is Rakhwala to which he answers It is his son, Ali. The role of Simsim is played by a famous actress Sayanthani Gosh. Meanwhile, Alifi saves Noora Dadi. In order to finish Simsim, Alifi puts Mustafa’s magical world on fire but fails. On the other hand, Ali recovers and his new face is revealed.

He decides to find Simsim. For this, he fakes his identity as Chotte Kotwal and leaves for Parvaz. Only Alifi knows that Chotte Kotwal is actually Ali. After some time Ali is shocked to see Margina as she has lost her memory. Later he finds out that the Prince of Ras Al Khaima is responsible for it. He takes Margina with him. The children fall in danger but eventually, Ali saves them and take back them to Parvez.

Furthermore, Ali and Marjina mistakenly disturb a marriage as a headless woman comes and takes the groom.  Ali promises to find out her head and  Later he succeeds in doing so. He gets back her head. Meanwhile, the Children go on to find a talisman but unfortunately, they are stuck in a place that contains snakes. But finally, they succeed in escaping and returning to Parvaz. However Simsim returns and wants to take revenge on Ali whereas Ali sets a journey in search of Marijana’s memory and finds it later.

Simsim attacks on Ali:

In the latest episodes, Marijana has a fight with her uncle as she always wants to take revenge on his father. Finally, she gets a chance. His uncle asks for forgiveness to which Marium replies “When you were killing my father. I literally begged you to not kill him but you do not listen to me. Today I’ll not listen to you.”

Later, Simsim arrives and attacks Marijana. But Ali manages to save her and as a result gets several injuries. Simsim was about to kill him but then she accidentally sees the mark on his back that shows he is from that tribe. She says to herself that she cannot kill him until she finds her relationship with the tribe. Simsim leaves. Ali is confused about the lady who attacked them out of nowhere. Marijana  takes Ali to the house. And later everyone finds that Ali was attacked by Simsim.

Ali Baba: Simsim demands Talisman from Ali

In the recent Episode, Noora Dadi tells Ali about his mother’s history. That how strong she was and had a fight with Simsim. Simsim kills Ali’s mother. At that time Simsim says that she has a mark on her back and his son Ali will have the same mark on his back. Ali after listening to this, becomes angry and sad at the time. He says that he will take revenge on his mother from Simsim. Before Ali accomplishes his goal, Simsim demands a talisman from Ali. Ali refuses to give her.

Simsim Kills Dadi:

Later Simsim kills Dadi. Ali was devasted after he learns that Dadi is no more. He rushes toward the house. He sees a note which was from Simsim and she writes. Though you refuse what I said, now this is the result. If you’ll not do what I say you’ll have to lose your loved one. Ali gets furious takes his sword and goes to find out Simsim. But before he leaves the house, Simsim arrived. And, Ali attacks her with the sword but she made a magical wall around her to save herself.

Furthermore, Simsim laughs at seeing Ali’s disappointed face. And says If you will not find out Talisman for me I’ll kill each of your loved ones and you won’t do anything then. She put the sword on the neck of his sister-in-law and marijuana. All the people in the surrounding got afraid and says that Ali please agree to what she said otherwise she will kill all of us.  However, Ali got so confused. On one side it is his family and loved ones. He is already in great dismal after the death of Dadi but on the other side his father’s promise of killing Simsim and forty thieves. Ali is in great confusion and feels betrayed.

what will happen in the upcoming episodes… Will Ali do what Simsim wants? Or does other tricks to save his father’s promise and his loved ones.

To find that out, Stay Connected with us for more exciting Ali Baba Future stories, Twists, and News!

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