Main Hoon Aparajita Serial Cast, Timings, Story, Real Name, and twist

This full action-Comedy drama serial is a Hindi language show that is broadcasted on Zee Channel daily. It was launched in the year 2022, on 27th September on Zee 5. Main Hoon Aparajita is directed by Sukesh Motwani under the curtains of Bodhi Tree Multimedia company. Though, Like other Zee Tc and Stra plus serials this show is also a remake of Bengali and Tamil series. Those famously known series are Radhamma Kuthuru and Aparajita Apu. This drama serial cars Manav Gohli and Khatron Kai Khiladi’s strong contestant Shweta Tiwari as the leading stars.

Zee TV ‘Main Hoon Aparjita Serial Written Story:

Main Hoon Aparajita serial whole story centers around the main lead character Shiweta Tiwari mostly. Shweta is playing the female protagonist role of Aprajita. She is an independent woman who is raising her daughter without her husband’s help. Her husband has married another woman and left them to live alone. Aprajita has made her daughters her strength and is fighting in this judgemental society as a single parent.

Though, she is also labeled as a ‘Chodi hue Orat which means ‘Abandoned woman. Aprajita has three daughters and through her struggles, she is trying to be an idol figure in her daughter’s life. So they can be as strong, empowered, and independent as their mother.

This serial spreads light on so many daily problems and hardships a single woman has to face in society. Despite her effort to earn money for her living also the societal prejudice and cruelty they also have to go through. There are other serials like Anupama, and Pushpa Impossible these shows also present the theme of Independent woman and their struggles. Which they have been carrying their whole lives. Like Pushpa and Anupama, Aprajita is also on the radar of her society’s biased comments. No one cared that how many relentless efforts these women stood for their living. Though, it is the 21st century but the patriarchy has not ended yet.

Akshay Abondends Aprajita and her Daughters for Malini:

Furthermore, Aparjita has three young daughters, Aasha, Chhavi, and Disha. While Disha and Aasha are the elder ones but Chavi is the younger one. But besides helping her mother Chavi also creates problems in Aparajita’s life. Well, Abushka Merchande, Dhiwani Gori, and Shruti Chohdary are playing the roles of this stunning lady’s daughters.

After her separation from her husband, she has single-handedly taken care of everything and managed her laundry business. Aprajita was not an educated woman but she knew that if she kept on believing in herself. She will find a way to earn money. And the laundry idea came to her mind. Which helped her run her home and to educate her daughters. This show is a lesson to all other women out there in our Asian society. Those women whose husbands have abandoned them or are dead, they can also be strong without them too.

15 Years Later: Akshay comes to Aparjita’s home

MHA is the only serial that leaves an emotional and empowered impact on the audience and gives women a chance to stand up for their rights too. However, several years have been past and after this long time, her husband ‘Akshay has appeared at her door. She gets shocked to see him and also angry too. But she can not do anything except to know the reason for his presence. Upon asking him the reason for coming to her home, he tells her that he was missing his children. And it is his younger daughter Chavi’s birthday too. He wishes to celebrate her birthday with her.

Akshay claims his rights on his daughters: Aparjita Rejects

After hearing that, all the flashbacks catch Aprajita’s mind, when her daughter was crying for her father. He did not bother to come o her. And today he came here to celebrate her birthday, strange. However, Aprajita allows him to enter her home because she is not a woman who wishes to keep her daughters away from their father.

After coming to her home, Akshay states that all these years nothing has changed in this house, everything is still the same. But She makes him remember that he must not forget his limits. And several years ago it was he who called his marriage baseless. When she got married to him she was a teenager. He married her knowing his own reality that he was in a relationship with another woman. Thus, he is the main culprit in Aprajita’s life he has been cheating on her since day one.

Chavvi accepts Akshay’s offer:

Furthermore, Chavi and his other daughters appear in the scene and he surprises his daughters with new house papers. Aprajita gets angry and tells him that her daughters do not need a luxurious house. They are happy in their own home, But Chavvi is a selfish and materialistic daughter. She gets angry with her mother and accepts her father’s gift. Akshay takes advantage of this and also starts blaming Apa for trying to maintain distance between him and his daughters.

Though, time has changed it has made Aprajita strong. She strongly stops her husband from trying to fool her daughters. And proudly says that her daughters do not need any of the things he is offering. They have maintained their whole life to live with a father. And in the future, her daughters will do so. Both Akshay and Aparjiat get into a fight for their rights. Akshay scolds her that she is their mother but she has no right to take his rights. He has come back after 15 years but that does not mean I have left my rights over my daughters.

Aparajita warns Malini to stop:

Akshay got married to his girlfriend Mohini 15 years back. And for her, he has left Aprajita and his daughters. Mohini has taken Apara’s husband from her but she has never missed a chance to humiliate her. Mohini has always been insecure about Apo and tries to create a mess in her life. So that Akshay will always keep on parsing and loving her. She is an evil-natured woman and does this to make Akshay believe that She is his best choice. And abandoning Apara and his daughter was correct for his fate too.

Zee TV ‘Main Hoon Aparajita Serial Details:

Main Hoon Aparajita
Main Cast Shweta Tiwari

Manav Gohil

Anushka Manchande

Dhwani Gori

Shruti Choudhary

Genre Drama
Starting Date 27 September 2022
Show Timings Monday to Saturday at 7:30 pm

Mein Hoon Aparajita Upcoming Twist: Malini tries to kill Dadi

Furthermore,  Aparajita warns her to not create any trouble in her life because she has nothing to do with her. But Mohini never stops. This time Mohini has brought huge trouble to her with her aim to kill Akshay’s mother. She was caught red-handed by Aparajita and also by Akshay. Before Aparjita does anything, Akshay slaps her on her face and decides to break all his relations with her. He also says that he was a fool and that he could not see his evil nature all these years. He is ashamed of her and of himself too, that he has such a wicked wife.

Though, He warns Malini to tell him the truth by telling her that she knew how much he loved his mother. And except knowing that she was going to kill his mother. Aprajita interrupts and tells Mohini that a woman like you can never know the true meaning of a mother.

Moreover, Aprajita also claims that she could have forgiven Mohini for ruining her life in the past but today she can not forget what she was about to commit. Today, Mohini you have not tried to kill Akshay’s mother or my mother-in-law. You have tried to kill my mother because all these years when Akshay was not around. I have looked after her like my own mother. Mohini apologizes to Akshay, Nia, and Aparajita but no one accepts her proposal. Akshay has decided to divorce her too.

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