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Colors Tv Junooniyat Serial Upcoming Twist: Jahaan and Elahi’s Marriage

Junooniyat is a Hindi language Romantic drama serial full of love and passion. This series premiered on Colors Tv after the end of the Bigg Boss 16 Season on 13th February 2023. Junooniyat drama serial is produced by Udaariyan’s producers ‘Sargum Mehta and Ravi Dubey. It is direccted by Sargun and Ravi under th ebanner of Dreamiyata Entertainment Comoany.

This Hindi serial casts Gautam Vig, Neha Rana, and Ankit Gupta as the leading cast in the show. Well, in this season, Ankit Gupta is performing the character of Jahaan who is the son of Bbalijeet and Dolly. He came from Canada to India to complete his studies and to make his fathers proud. Gautam Vig is playing his role as Jordan Mehta. He is a selfish and Stubborn boy. He is the son of Indrajeet and Mahi. His mother is the principal of his college and because of his social status and power. He is shown as a big brat and a self-obsessed person.

And, Neha Rana is performing the female protagonist character as Elahi Dosanjh. She is the daughter of Diljot and Amandeep. Her grandmother takes hold of her life and she is always humiliated by everyone for her mother’s passion. Her mother left them for her profession and her father is an alcoholic. She loves singing but her family is totally against that. This series is full of Musical drama and romance. The plot of the serial is set in Chandigarh, Punjab.

Junooniyat Serial Written Story: Colors TV

The First Episode of this serial starts with Elahhi who secretly goes to her close friend Husna’s home for her sangeet function. With her beautiful voice, she wins the hearts of the people. And the song she sings is her mother’s song. Which also clears her deepest love for her mother too. This is the only song that makes her remember all of her childhood happy memories with her mother.

Along with Biji, her aunt is also against her and always keeps an eye on her actions. Elahi is not allowed to live freely. Though, after the event, she returns home safely before Biji finds out about her absence. She is always threatened by her family, especially by her grandmother. If she ever finds out Elahi is singing, she will get married to someone with her permission. Elaahi does not have any support in the home or out of the house. Her father is also an alcoholic after her mother left. Though, Elahi’s mother and her father used to perform together and singing was their main profession.

Elahi’s parents’ secret reveals to her:

Though, Elahi’s mother leaves her home to pursue her dreams of becoming a famous singer. Though, Elahi has only one dream to pursue her mother’s dream of becoming a renowned musician and making her name. On the other hand, Jahan is a very skilled musician and magician too. He came from Canada and singing is his passion. Like Elahi, he has only one aim to gain his family’s power and respect back in society. So, they can come back to their homeland, Punjab again with full honor and dignity. Moreover, Jordan has got different personality traits. He is good at rapping and hates it if someone is better than him in town.

The Love Triangle between Jahaan, Elahi, and Jordan:

These three cross each other’s paths at Chandigarh University. And in the Orientation hall, these three meet. Elhai and Jordan get into a musical fight and Jordan’s first impression of Elahi was not very impressive. His over-smart nature irritated Elahi and so to most of the audience too. Well, Jahaan also has a very catchy and attractive voice. He wins the heart of the people around him with his quiet and soft nature. But Jordan could not keep himself away from Jahaan. He always tries to bully him in front of everyone. As Elahi strongly hates this nature. And most of the time, she appears to take the side of Jahan. Meanwhile, Jahan only shows ignorance toward both of them. He keeps on trying to avoid Elahi and Jordan in the scenes.

Jahaan Saves Elahi’s Dignity in the College:

In the Next Episode, Jordan makes an evil plan to trap Elahi and Jahan in a music room. He wishes to make their reputation ruin in the college. Elahi and Jihan get locked in the room and when Jahan sees her in distress condition, he decides to stay with her. Upon knowing that Elahi is locked up in a music room, her grandmother comes to find out and takes her along with her. Meanwhile, Jihaan hides behind the curtains so no one will question Elahi’s dignity and purity.

Moreover, the next morning Elahi brings breakfast for Jahaan as an apology. But he requests her to stay away from him. But she keeps on requesting and apologizing to him, in meantime, Jordan reaches there and starts irritating Jahan. Elahi takes the side of Jahan and insults Jordan for always messing around.

Elahi finds out Jahaan’s Secret passion:

Further, Elahi’s Biji is unnecessarily suspicious of Elahi and is decided to get her married to a divorced man. Whose wife has left him for domestic violence and inhumane nature. Before that, when Elahi was coming back home after college. She suspects that it is Jahan and he is chasing her. She starts thinking negatively about him. Though, Jihaan was there only looking for a PG house. And Elahi mistakes him and also apologizes to him for her mistrust.

However, Jahaan has got home near Elahi’s home. Unaware of the fact that this can cause huge problems in their lives. Well, Jahaan loves playing Harmonium. Elahi does not about Jihan’s talents and skills. She chases the soulful harmonica voice and tries to follow it. But she misses the chance to find it. On the other hand, Jordan gets compressed by Elahi’s telnet and he keeps on trying to impress her. At the wedding event of her best friend’s sister, she again listens to the secret voice and follows it. This time she finds Jahaan and gets shocked to see Jahaan’s passion for singing. And he has only one wish to bring his parent’s honor back to them.

Colors TV Serial ‘Junooniyat Cast:

Ankit Gupta, Gautam Singh Vig, Neha Rana

Junooniyat Serial Upcoming Twist Written Update: Voot

In the Upcoming Episode, Elahi’s marriage is fixed with the main culprit ‘Ranjeet. She tries her best to expose his wicked nature in front of everyone but all of her efforts go in vain. Meanwhile, Jordan and Jahaan start trying to trap Ranjeet and get evidence against him. Before that, they both offer help to Elahi but she refuses to take any favor from them.

Jordan and Jahna’s all efforts get ruined by Ranjeet and they were not left with any other option, except to take any bold step. On one side, Jahaan wears the groom’s dress to save Elahi from Ranjeet, and on the other side, Jordan kidnaps Ranjeet. And he beats him as much as he can until he refuses to marry Elahi. Things get worse when Jordan stocks in a terrible situation. Ranjeet puts a gun on Jordan and threats to kill him if he comes in his way. And at the Mandap, Elahi gets shocked when she sees Jahaan’s hand in her hands. She recognizes him with his Tatoo the sign of ‘Jat in his hands.

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