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Colors Tv Latest show Bekaboo is a famous Indian television drama in which the story is left out around an angel and a demon. First of all, they both are unknown of their magical powers and fall in love with each other. The story is full of romance and thrill. It is similar to the novel Beauty and the Beast. The drama is launched under the banner of Balaji Telefilms, directed by Ekta. Eisha Singh is roped for the character of Bela Ranav Raichand whereas Shalin Bhnao is Pratham Raichand.

Bekaboo Serial Main Plot/ Story

The drama starts in the era of 1994. Some friends decide to go to Jungle for adventure as we know people at a young age are much interested in this kind of thing. So they start their journey but are stopped by an old man. That old man lives near the Jungle and knows the history of the Jungle. A lot of people come there for an outing but the demon has eaten them. The old man tries to stop them but they consider him conventional who believes in this kind of fake story. They did not pay heed to the warning of the old man and entered the Jungle. Later, that demon ate them up.
The old man tells the story of the Seven Kingdoms to a guy. The Last Kingdom is hell which consists of evil demons. Balaka is a powerful demon and is praying to relieve the curse from demons. On the other side, an Angel Devlekha from another Kingdom arrives on Earth to free Earth from demons. She tries to put a rift between two brothers Ashwat and Pratham. Both fall in love with her. She succeeds in putting a clash between the two. Later, Pratham fakes her identity as Frishta. He pretends to fall in love with Devlekha and gets married to her. After sleeping with her, he revealed his real identity. Devlekha curses him and says his soul wanders around the earth until found the body of a relative. She kills him and later she herself dies.

29 Years Later:

The drama takes a leap of twenty-nine years. Now the story centered around Ashwat’s son named Ranav and Bela. They both are unaware of their powers and living as humans. Devlekha who is born in the form of Bella always gets flashbacks from the past but is unable to understand. She is now from a poor-class family girl but can read minds. Ranav on the other hand is a demon. He died after getting beaten by his cousin. Pratham’s soul enters Ranav’s body. Now he is actually Pratham in Ranav’s body. He is trying to find his brother and wants to take revenge on both Ashwat and Ranav. Finally, Bela gets back his memory and later gets shocked to see Rabnav in the form of Rakshas.

Ranav (Pratham) and Bela’s Love Story: 

Moreover, Ranav who is actually Pratham was getting married to Bela’s best friend. Pratham thinks that Malaika is that angel from the Princess Kingdom. But Bela after knowing his real identity ends this wedding and gets married to Pratham. Later, Pratham accepts her as his wife. Angry Malaika gets engaged with Aadi. Pratham and Bela come close to each other. Malaika hates Bela and wants Ranav to get back in her life. Only for this purpose, she ties the knot with Adi. Later both couples went on honeymoon. Pratham gets some hints about Ashwat’s murder.

 Ashwin’s Reality Exposed on Ranav

Inderjeet has fallen in love with Bela. Though, Pratham did not like his intentions and gets jealous. At night in Haveli Bela tries to find out the secret passage. Bela tries to enter it but Pratham stops her and himself jumps in it. Inderjeet cunningly locked him. And ask Bela to reveal her identity. After knowing Bela’s truth, he himself is a demon and will drink Bela’s blood. But Pratham manages to come out from the other side of the passage. He saves Bela from Inderjeet and decides to kill him. He sits there and cries for Ashwat. Bela reads his mind and gets to know Pratham and swears to take revenge on Ashwat.
Later Malika tries to leave from there but Adi stops her and asks the reason. She says that she can’t see Ranav with Bela. On the other hand, Ranav asks Bela if she is fine. Bela is guilty of scratching his old wounds. Bela and Ranav (Pratham) argue. Adi and Malaika dig a pit in the backyard of Haveli and find the body of Ashwat. Ranav and Bela comes there.

Ranav feels emotional to see Ashwat’s body. He cries and hugs Bella. Also, Ranav digs the pit and takes the body outside and hugs Ashwat, and cries. He recalls Ashwat. Bela is surprised to see Ranav’s love for Ashwat.

Bela saves Ranav

Furthermore, Ranav goes to Yamini but she has already left with Shekhar for a wedding. Ranav and Yamini get into a fight. Yamini buries Ranav in the ground. Bela gets worried for Ranav, her pendant has a light and is showing some direction. She thinks it might take me to the Ranav. Bela reaches the place. She feels that Ranav might have been buried underground. Though, She hears Ranav’s heartbeat and uses all her powers to take Ranav out of the ground. But as Bela sees that some powers are trapping Ranav. She gets to know that Yamini has bound him by an evil power. That is the reason Bella’s powers aren’t working on him. Bela prays to Matarani. Ranav gets freed and wakes up. He leaves there. Bela thinks that is why she feels pain for Ranav when she is reborn to kill Ranav.

Ranav comes back to Yamini:

Though, Ranav goes to Yamini. Yamini gets shocked to see her as no one can set him free except a Pari. Ranav argues with her and asks why she kills Ashwat. They again start fighting. Mandodari comes and sees them fighting. She says that we are Rakhis, we do not fight with each other but with our enemies. Ranav thinks Mandori has come here with a motive. Bela thinks the same After Dadi Shekhar and Mandori leave for the house. Bela and Reanav get into an argument. A tree was about to fall on Bela but Ranav manages to save her his own hands get injured and start bleeding. She tells her that her maha saas has arrived.

Naira tries to Ruin Ranav’s and Bela’s relationship:

In the latest episodes, Naira enters Ranav and Bela’s life. Bela and Naira come into the jungle. Patali stabs Naira. Bela comes and sees her and removes the knife from Naira’s stomach. Ranav arrives and sees a knife in Bela’s hands. He asks what’s the matter and who stabs naira. Naira signs towards Patali but Patali manages to hide.

Ranav sees Naira signing towards Bela. Bela gets shocked at this behavior of Naira. Ranav also looks angry with Bela and rushes to take Naira to the hospital. Patal thinks they succeed in creating a rift between the two. Everyone blames Bela but Dadi is not ready to believe that Bela can do something like that. Bela comes into her room and is confused about why Naira did this. Does she want Ranav or what? Ranav comes and blames Bela that why had she done this to Naira. He also taunts me that you married me and fell on my head. They argue with each other. Ranv says that you are a physio and possessive wife. I hate these kinda ladies. Ranav leaves. Patali gets happy that she made them fight.
Later Naira tried Ranav to drink human blood so he became a rakshas again but Bela stops him. Bella falls from the stairs and gets to know that Patali did this by using her evil powers. He tells Ranav but Patali lies and shows a fake video. Ranav lifts her and takes her to the room. Patali sees Belaand signs her.
In the upcoming episodes, Kaka tells about the storm when two opposing forces come together. Ranav and Bella will fight with their powers. What will happen next? Will Patali and Naira succeed in their plan?

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