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Durga Aur Charu Serial Latest Twist: Anirbhav Finds out his Marriage Truth

On 12th December 2022 Colors Tv Launched a new drama serial titled Durga Aur Chari which followed the next-generation story it. The First season was named Barrister Babu which was released on 11 February 2020 and went off the air on 12th November 2021. The Barrister Babu serial was produced by Shashi Sumeet and directed by Mangesh Kanhthale under the banners of Shahsi summer productions company. Later the second started last year and is about to end on 14th April 2023.

Durga Aur Charu serial cast

The first season cast Pravisht Mishra, Aurra Bhatnagar, and Anchal Sahu as the leading stars. While the second season was ruled by Aurra Bhatnagar and Vaishnavi Prajapati as the young sisters but the adult roles are played by Rachi Sharma, Adrija Roy, and Kunal Jaisingh. Kunal Jai Singh is India’s famous actor and got popularity from his character Omkaraa Oberoi in the Ishqbaaz serial.

Barrister Babu Season 1 Written Story:

The season 1 story was set in the rural area of Tulsipur, Bengal. The first episode starts with Anirudh Roy, a young educated barrister. At the age of 22, he came from London to India after his graduation.  Tulsipur is a small village where his whole family and ancestors reside. They have a large part of property and fame because of their high social standards. In his village, his family rules everything and the theme of male dominance is very much prominent in this show. But he is against all these typical rituals and customs.

Though, Fate brings him here to solve the women’s rights issue increasing in Tulsipur day by day. Unwillingly, he has to marry his childhood friend, Saudamini. Bondita Das was 11 years old when she gets married to Barrister Babu. Before getting married, she used to live with her mother and other family members. Her father died when she was a kid. Her uncle Sundaram and her aunt Devolena are the selfish ones. They care about their own daughter Samporna. To get money, they decide to get Bondita to marry an elder man. In return, they will get a lot of money with which they can collect their daughters dowry.

Anirudh Married Bondita:

Furthermore, on the day of her wedding, Anirudh crosses paths and he realizes the Molkki tradition to happen again. He stops the wedding and calls the police to file a case against them. But the policemen were also in support of child marriage. Though Bondita’s marriage with an old man was not completed people started calling a widow for breaking the marriage. And decides to make her part of their Sati ritual. Meanwhile, Aniruth tries to agree with Sumati her mother, but things go against his will. In the end to save Bondita’s life he marries her on the spot and takes her away with him.  But his Saudamini hears about Ani’s marriage with a Bondita she tries her best to separate them. But all her efforts go in vain and they both get closer to each other.

After Bondita’s and Anirudh’s marriage, Bon overcomes all her fears and gets the strength to be a strong woman from Aniruth. He decided to get her educated so she can be an empowered girl. Meanwhile, Brijwasi Babu enters their village Tulsipur, and traps Bondita in his selfish acts. With her help, he gets money from the people and ran away.

Though Bondita was innocent she was misunderstood by Aniruth too and out of anger he sends her back to his mother’s home. There everyone starts humiliating and mistreating her. Even some people try to kill her too and start calling her an ominous woman whose husband has left her for her bad deeds.

Devoleena sells Bondita in a Brothel:

Furthermore, her aunt takes advantage of her situation and sells her as a brothel for money. And that is the place from where no one comes back easily. Tara Bai who is the owner of that Brothel in Tuslipur decides to sell at a bigger rate. But Anirudh finds out about the situation and makes all his efforts to save his wife from Tara Bai. Things go well, and of these too love birds also.

Barrister Babu to take 8 Years-Leap:

8 years have passed, Bondita is an adult now and she has just returned back to India, Tulispur to Anirudh after becoming a successful Barrister like him. When she arrives, the bad news was waiting for her which shocks her mind. Tupur tells Bondo that Anirudh has tried to kill Roy Shaudhrays and set a bomb there. After hearing that Anirudh needs her help and that people are falsely blaming him. She goes to his house, to find out the truth.

Bondita gives birth to Anirudh’s Daughters:

After some events, she proves her husband innocent and they both share a love bond. After 6 months, Bondita gives birth to Anirudh’s twin daughters. And they name them Durga and Charu. Meanwhile, Batuk creates a mess and kidnaps Bondita’s children, and also tries to kill her too. But all of her family members get saved with the help of Anirudh. After a lot of ups and downs, Bondita and Aniruth make their way. And the first season ends with Bondita and Anirudh taking their both daughters in front of their god-mother ‘Durga Maa. Also, they give their daughters best wishes these two will also come over each obstacle and evil as their parents do. And the love story of Bondita and Aniruth ends on a happy note.

Durga Aur Charu Second Season Written Story:

The First Episode of the second season ‘Of Durga and Charu starts in the 1942 year. Where Anirudh and Bondita both have been on their long drive happily. They have decided to go to Darjeeling where they will surprise their daughters at their 5th birthday party. 5 years have passed and Bondita-Aniruth’s life was moving on track but unluckily things take a huge shift. They meet in a car accident and they both die on the spot. A pious man notices the accident and takes Charu along with him and the handwritten card that her parents have written for them. He does not notice Durga in the bushes because of the heavy storm.

Thus, 5years passed and the episode starts with Durga’s nightmare. She wakes up by seeing a car accident that happened 5 years ago in her life. And that was the day when the Shanti Poja held the place for the calmness of Anirudh and Bondita’s souls. Out of fear, Durga hides in the cupboard, and when her mother comes into her room to wake her up. She sees Durga was not on her bed. Durga’s fear increases in her house because of the bullying behaviors of Sumona and Polash.

However, These two individuals are selfish one and want the whole property in their name. Durga is shown as a very beautiful, loving, and innocent girl but she does not have any strength to find her rights. On the other hand, Charu is a very bold, strong, and smart girl. Both sisters have been reunited after a long time as friends. And this time they have promised each other never to get apart. But Fate has its own plans.

10-Year Leap: Charu Hatred Towards Durga

The drama serial took a 10-year leap, Durga and Charu are grown-ups now and have become successful Barristers like their mother and father. They both are the copy of Bondita and Anirudh. But the clash between these sisters is that like in the past, Durga has all the advantages that Charu did not have. Charu has started hating Durga for having all the benefits and blames her for her imprisonment.

Before their separation, things have gotten worsened and Charu was imprisoned for 12 years. But she was unaware of the fact that her sister, Durga was the one who used to send her all her pocket money. So her sister Charu can get better education and lifestyle. It was her luck that after jail 2 years, Charu was released from prison. But the anger towards Durga did not die with time.

Durga’s Marriage with Anirban:

Though Charu is a successful and honest barrister policeman advises her to play always smartly because here anyone can cheat her anytime. On the other side, Durga is back from Darjeeling to her home town Tuuslipur. But she gets into huge pain when she sees Haveli’s condition. Devi, Bholi, and Chumki are still living there. Later. Bholi reveals that she has trapped Sumona and her uncle Polash in a case. Because they were stealing her parent’s precious things from the haveli. Meanwhile, Bholi asks Durga about her marriage and she confronts that she is not yet ready for that. And for time, she will only focus on her career. But Sampurna warns her that if she does not win the case she will have to get married to the person they will choose for her.

Furthermore, Durga is married to Anirbhan who is faking his love for her. He decides to go on a honeymoon with her but Charu tries to stop them. Because Charu does want Anirbhan to be with Durga. She confesses her love for Anirbhan and meantime, their pandit ji interrupts. and he tells Durga that the next 14 days are hard on Anirban. And she must agree with him not going out of the home in order to save his life. She must do Prayers. In the present day, her grandmother gives her a red saree to wear.

Colors TV Durag Aur Charu Upcoming Twist:

In the upcoming episode, we see that Charu takes the saree to take her revenge on Durga. She steals the Saree because she wants to do the prayers with that saree. And decides that if someone asks her where this red saree came from. She will lie that she thought she will get it done ironing for Durga.

To prove her responsibility, Durga had to stand up on one leg the whole day to save her husband’s life. When Anirbhan sees this she feels sad for her. Meanwhile, Charu steps in because she wants to help her sister but the reality exposes to Anirbhan when sees their marriage album. Though, Charu is behind the veils on mandap with him, not Charu. He bursts into anger and exposes the reality of Durga. Though, it is not confirmed what will happen next and how Durga and Charu will handle the situation. And what Charu will tell Anirbhan about her wedding with him…

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