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Exclusive! Colors TV Serial Saavi Ki Savaari

: Nityam and Saavi Reunite

Saavi ki saavri is an indian television drama. The story revolves around a 21-year-old girl who rides Riksha in order to run her house and pay her tuition fees. She ends up marrying a business tycoon Nityam Dalmia. The drama premiered on 22 August 2022 on Colours Tv. It is produced under the banner of Dashami creations. Samridhi Shukla is roped in for the role of female lead ‘Saavi and Farman Haider for the male lead of Nitaym Dalmia

Saavi Ki Savaari serial cast
Saavi Ki Savaari serial cast

Saavi ki Saavari Serial Written Story: Colors TV

The plot story is set up in the city of Ujjain (Saavi Ki Savaari). The main lead Saavi is a young girl who drives an auto rikshaw to provide for her family. She has named her Riksha ‘Chatriparsad. And, She is proud of her work. This habit of cherishing everything was inherited in her from her late father. After the death of their father, Savi, her mother, and elder sister lives with her maternal Uncle. But after some time her Uncle met an accident and is in a wheelchair. From then Saavi takes care of her entire family and fulfilled all the responsibilities of her family as a head.

Saavi’s family includes her mother Nootam Gayal, elder sister Sonam,  uncle Brejesh, mami Ratna, and Ananya. Her uncle Brijesh is so proud of Saavi and sometimes feels guilty because of him Saavi has to take all the responsibilities alone. Saavi’s elder sister Sonam is an MBA topper but hasn’t gotten a job yet. She is very bossy and always thinks she’s better than Saavi.  Sonam has a boyfriend named Shivam.  On the other hand, the male lead Nityam is a business tycoon. He is a very decent and good-looking man. His mother Vedika is finding a girl for him as she wants him to get married. Sonam when sees Nityam falls in love with him. Sonam gets to know that the girl in Nityam’s fate is no other than Saavi. She cunningly changes her horoscope with Saavi’s horoscope.

SKS: Saavi and Nityam’s marriage!

On the wedding day, Nityam’s mother Vedika learns the truth that how Sonam changes her horoscope and Saavi is the girl who is made for her son. So, Vedika calls off Nityam’s wedding with Sonam. And finally, Nityam marries Saavi.

In Dalmiya’s house, nobody accepts Saavi but later Nityam’s grandmother Uma says that she will accept Savi if she succeeds in completing the pooja. Saavi sits in pooja and completes it. And then Uma accepts Savi. Although, Dimpy also lives in Dalmiya’s house and does not like Saavi. She always tries to humiliate her. Dimpi is Nityam’s aunt and Himesh’s wife.  But the trial comes when Dimpy tells everyone that Saavi drives Riksha at night.  All family starts hating her. Tashoo is having affair with a boy.

Saavi Breaks Relation with Nityam:

Though, Tashu is Nityam’s cousin’s sister and Himesh’s daughter. The boy whom Tashu loves is cheating on her. Saavi tries to save Tashoo but was misunderstood by Nityam. He sold her auto-rickshaw, so she will not drive again. Saavi gets heartbroken. Later after the truth is revealed in front of Nityam, Saavi breaks her relationship with him.  Nityam realizes his mistake and asks for forgiveness from Saavi. He fixes the auto-rickshaw. This melts Saavi’s heart and she agrees to continue the relationship with him. After some time Saavi falls for Nityam.

Moreover, Sonam’s boyfriend Shivam learns about the true colors of Sonam and wants to punish her for her misdeeds. Sonam when learns that Shivam is actually Nityam’s brother. And he is also from Dalmiya’s family, she forces him to marry her. So, Raksham agrees but on the wedding day, he refuses to marry Sonam in Mandap. He tells him that he knows her truth and leaves her at Mandap.

Nityam decides to Divorce Saavi:

Shivam who has hidden her identity, tells truth to Krishna that he’s actually Raksham Dalmiya. Saavi gets to know the truth and forces Raksham to come in front of the family. But he says that he needs proof of his innocence. Finally, they find proof but due to Sonam they lost it. Saavi gets shattered as she has put her marriage in danger in order to reunite Raksham with their family. But she fails in it.

Furthermore, Nityam decides to divorce Saavi. Saavi gets Raksham to Damiya’s house as a cook. At night, Savvi goes to the servant quarter to talk to Raksham but Dimpy follows her and locks Raksham and Saavi in a room. Then she gathers the whole family and talks badly about Saavi’s character. The whole family gets shocked when they see Saavi locked up in a room with a servant. But Nityam gives a shut-up call to Dimpy by saying that she believes Saavi. Saavi could never cheat on him. Vedika gets the hint that the servant is in fact Raksham. Raksham along with Saavi arranges a birthday party for Nityam as they used to arrange in their childhood.

Raksham reunites with family:

Vedika comes to Raksham and asks if he is her son, Rak. Finally, mother and son reunite. But Saavi stops them from revealing Raksham’s identity to Nityam. But Dimpy arrived and reveals the identity of Raksham in front of everyone. She was told by Sonam that the servant named Mohan is actually Raksham. Nityam refuses to accept him. But later his mother gives him permission to live there. Saavi leaves Dalmiya’s house. She exposes that Dimpy was trying to kill Raksham.

The real trial for Saavi comes when her uncle and aunt file a false against Dalmiya.  The whole family misunderstood Saavi and starts hating her except Raksham and Himesh. Uma gets attacked and dies. And Nityam starts blaming Saavi for Uma’s death.

Sonam and Raksham’s getting engaged:

In the latest episode, Raksham decides to marry Sonam. He thinks it is the way he can make Nityam and Saavi get closer. On the other hand, Sonam thinks that just after her marriage is done, she will close all the doors of Dalmiya’s house on Saavi. Finally, Raksham and Sonam’s engagement are fixed. Both go to get their engagement ring.  Raksham comes with Nityam whereas Sonam with Saavi. Saavi and Nityam act like they don’t know each other. Saavi says that payment for Raksham’s ring will be done from their side.

Although, Raksham chooses a ring that costs 35k. Saavi doesn’t have the required amount. She gets worried. Nityam tries to pay the bill for both rings but Saavi stops him and says She can manage. Later Manav arrives. He helps Saavi. Nityam gets furious and argues with Saavi over it. But Saavi replies that she has no right to him. So if she gets help from him, he will consider her a gold digger. Saavi then moves out of the shop.

Saavi while on her job meets with Nityam’s bua Dadi. Bua Dadi gets surprised to see a girl driving an auto rickshaw. She asks Saavi to get her to Mandir and then to his brother’s house. Meanwhile, Nityam comes to the bus stop to get bua dadi but could not find her. In the upcoming episodes, we will see how Nityam and Saavi reunite.

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