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Star Plus’ latest Show Teri meri Dooriyan is an Indian family drama that premiered on 4 January 2023. The story is about three brar cousin brothers whose fate is interconnected with three sisters. The main characters in the drama are Sahiba and Angad who form a love-hate bond. They first hate each other due to a misunderstanding but fall for each other after marriage. The main female character is played by Himanshi Parashar as Sahiba whereas the male lead is Vijayendra Kumeria as Angad. The Telecast timings are 7 Am, From Monday-Sunday.

Teri Meri Dooriyan Serial Main Plot/ Story 

Angad who is the male lead of the story lives in a Brar family with his two cousin brother Veer and Garry. Though, Angad with his responsible nature is handling all the business alone. But he adores his grandfathers a lot and is ready to do anything for them. On the other side, three sisters Sahiva, Seerat, and Keerat belong to a middle-class family. Later gets married into a well-off Brar family. Sahiba is the eldest one and helps his father by selling her art. She runs a shop in which she sells her artwork of pottery and glasswork design. Seerat is the most attractive of the three so she is their mother’s favourite.

Sahiba Impress Brar Family:

Angad’s grandfather rejects the pooja decoration at the last moment. So in a hurry, he has to buy new things. He comes to Sahiba’s shop by accident. A pot fells from Angad hands. Sahiba who was expecting sorry gets furious by his attitude. Both argue and feel hatred for each other in their heart. Later Veer arrives but they are not ready to forgive each other. Veer somehow tries to calm her down. Later she agrees to go to their home for pooja decoration. Also, Sahiba’s mother who always has a dream of marrying Seerat in a rich family asks her to go.  So Sahiba goes with them on the condition that she will get two passes in return. 

Angad and Sahiba’s Marriage:

Saiba surprises everyone with her wonderful talent. But hatred remains the same in the hearts of Sahiba and Angad.  Angad falls in love with the beauty of Seerat and gets their marriage fixed. But On the wedding day, Seerat runs away with Garry. It was a great shock for the whole family. Angad gets furious but has to marry Sahiba in order to save the family’s reputation.  Garry who always hates Angad did all this out of jealousy and damaging his reputation. He lies to Seerat that all the property belongs to him and does a fake drama of falling in love with her. Seerat gets trapped by him. 

Latest Story: Garry Deceives Seerat

Angad is not ready to accept Sahiba. Sahiba did not pay heed to Angad as she has no feelings for him. She takes care of the family and tries to fulfill her responsibilities. Gradually she wins everyone’s heart. Finally, Darji gives her permission to visit her parent’s home. Angad goes with him because he knew that Sahiba will try to find Seerat. He was right because the first thing she did after reaching home was bring back Seerat. Seerat was about to take her life but Sahiba save her and take her home. All the family asked Seerat what happened to her and where was she but she was not ready to tell anything.

Sahiba receives a call on Seerat’s phone from Garry. She gets to know the truth. Sahiba and Angad come back home. Garry tries to create a rift between them but Sahiba argues with Garry in harsh words. 

Sahiba Exposes Garry

Seerat tells Garry that Sahiba knows the truth. Gary gets angry with him. Sahiba is determined that she will expose garry at any cost. Sahiba starts to catch feeling for Angad and fasts for him. But Angad did not like it and called it a drama. Sahiba feels heartbroken and didn’t eat anything all day long. LaterAngad feels guilty and apologizes to her while feeding her with his own hands. 

Seerat who was waiting for Garry’s proposal gets shocked to hear about Garry’s engagement with Shanaya. On their engagement day, Seerat reaches there and asks Garry why he did this to her. But Garry says she is putting false allegations on him. But Sahiba comes with proof; reporters and resort manager. So it revealed that it was Garry who booked a room for Seerat. Garry tries to lie again but Angad slaps on his face and asks him to shut up. No one was expecting such a cheap thing from Garry so he was thrown out of the house. 

TMD Written Update: Sahiba and Angad Love Story

Angad feels guilty about his past behavior with Sahiba and her family while his own cousin’s brother backstabbed him. Seerat too is broken and does not know what to do with life. Sahiba consoles her and says she does not need to worry. She just move on with life.

On the other hand, at night Angad locked the store room where Sahiba sleeps and shifts her stuff to his room. Sahiba sees her room locked and gets shocked. She calls the maid but Angad stops him by putting a hand on her mouth. He says that stop this and shift to the room but Seerat did not agree and sleeps in the garden under the canopy.  Angad also sits there on a chair and falls asleep. Sahiba wakes up and sees Angad sleeping next to her. She stares at him. Angad wakes up. Angad asks her to stop the drama and go to the room.  But Sahiba refuses so they both sleep there. 

In Morning, Mnaveer gets shocked to see rashes on his body and asks the reason. Angad tells he has to sleep in the garden due to Sahiba, Manveer calls Sahiba and scolds her for this irrational behavior. After some argument, Sahiba agrees to live in Angad’s rooms. But in the room, they draw a line of control so they cannot cross each other space. Sahiba says in this sense bed belongs to me so I will sleep on the bed and you on the couch. Angad refuses and leaves the discussion for later as he is getting late for office.  

Sahiba wins a business project for Angad

Sahiba tries to interfere in office affairs. The Brar brand makes jewelry only for high-class people. But Sahiba tries to launch a project that middle-class people can afford. Angad refuses but Sahiba goes against him and later wins a business contract for Angad. Later Angad gives a suggestion of Garry and Seerat’s marriage. Sahiba did not agree with it as she thinks that her sister has to suffer after this marriage but later she finds logic in Angad’s decision. Seerat gets a promise from Angad that she will always help her and take her side whenever she needs.

At the ring ceremony of Garry and Seerat, Sahiba and Garry fall into an argument. Jasleen, the mother of Garry walks to them and asks Sahiba not to bother Garry. Veer is in love with Keerat and wants to get married with her. But Keerat is unaware of this. On the other side, Sahiba’s parental house will be gone from their hands if they did not pay their installment. They are really worried about it but could not express it as Seerat’s wedding is about to happen.

In the upcoming episodes, Seerat is performing Pheras with Angad while recalling Angad’s promise. Angad recalls his and Sahiba’s wedding. What will happen next will Sahiba and Angad accept this relationship? 

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