Udaariyaan (Colors TV) Serial Cast, Twist, Story, And Latest News

Udaariyaan is an Indian romantic drama serial released in 15 March 2021. It is also streamed on Disney+ Hot star. It is produced by Sargun Mehta and Ravi Dubey under the Dreamiyata production company. 

Udaariyaan (Colors TV) Serial Cast, Twist, Story, Wiki & More

    Name  Udaariyaan 
    Genre  Romantic Drama 
   Directed by  

 Uttam Ahlawat

   Written by  

 Mitali Bhattacharya

 Romit ohja

   Creative director  Ankur Bhatia 
 Country of origin  India 
 language  Hindi
 No. of seasons   1 
 No. of episodes   492
Original network  Colors TV
Running timing  21-23 minutes
 Camera setup  Multi-camera
 cinematography  Raju Gauli
 Editor  Dharmesh Patel Kamal 

Udaariyaan main cast real names 

Here is the main cast of your favorite drama serial udaariyaan cast real names

  • Ankit Gupta as Fateh Singh Virk (Main character)
  • Priyanka Chahar Choudhary as Tejo Kaur Virk (Fateh’s Wife)
  • Isha Malviya as Jasmine Kaur Virk (Fateh’s love interest)
  • Raman Dhagga as Rupi Singh Sandhu (jasmine and tejo’s father)
  • Kamal Dadiala as Satti Kaur Sandhu (jasmine and tejo’s mother)
  • Taavish gupta as Dilraj Singh (jasmine and tejo’s brother)
  • Ram Aujla as Khushbeer Singh (Fateh’s father)
  • Gurvinder Ghauri as Gurpreet Kaur (Fateh’s mother)
  • Abhishek kumar as Amanpreet Singh (Fateh’s brother)
  • Rashmeet Kaur Sethi as Mahi Kaur (Fateh’s sister)
  • Jaswant Daman as Bi-ji (Fateh’s grand-mother)
  • Ranjit riaz sharma as bau-ji (Fateh’s grand-father)
  • Twinkle Arora as Nehmat Sandhu Virk (fateh and tejo’s adopted daughter)
  • Sonakshi Batra as Naaz Sandhu (jasmine and yash’s daughter)
  • Hitesh Bharadwaj as Ekam Randhawa (Nehmat’s love interest)

Udaariyaan drama serial story

The story starts with the love triangle between fateh and two sisters, jasmine and tejo. Fateh has a job in Canada. He has feelings for jasmine but jasmine love him for his job. Their marriage has fixed. But when jasmine finds out that fateh has been fired from his job, she breaks off the marriage. Because of this, his family has a lot of infamy. For the sake of family’s reputation, fateh get married with tejo. Tejo falls in love with his husband and helps him to move on but fateh madly love with jasmine. After their marriage, jasmine realizes her mistake and confess his love for fateh. Fateh again accepts her and have an extra-marital affair with her. Jasmine starts plotting against tejo so that tejo and fateh both get separated. 

Tejo learns about their affair and demands a divorce from him. After their divorce, fateh get married with jasmine. He reveals that their marriage was fake as he knows all about how jasmine played games to get him. He knows all about her evil-doings. Tejo was also a part of this plan. she does fake engagement with Angad. Angad falls in love with tejo. After fateh and jasmine’s divorce, tejo and fateh confess their love for each other. They again get married.  Angad and jasmine unite and start planning to separate the two(fateh and tejo). Later, Angad realizes his misdeeds. Jasmine marries with Amrik but he died to save Tejo’s life from Angad. Later. Jasmine moves to Canada and get married with Yash. She give birth to a baby girl, Naaz. Tejo and fateh also adopted a baby girl, Nehmat.

After some years, jasmine returned India with her daughter but no one accept her because of her misdeeds. She leaves her daughter here. Soon, naaz and nehmat become friends. Naaz gets jealous from nehmat. Fateh, tejo and all virk family died in a car accident leaving behind naaz and nehmat. After 16 years, naaz and nehmat become adults. Nehmat is dating with a police officer, Ekam. Naaz wanted to take Ekam away from her because she gets jealous with their relationship. 

Udaariyaan latest news

Neemat and Ekam are in love with each other. Shamsher (Ekam’s father) is the responsible of the Fateh and Tejo’s accident. Advit meets with Neemat. Ekam wants to reopen the Fateh and tejo’s accident case to win Neemat’s heart. Shamsher is worried about this case. Advit assures his father that she will finish the case. Jai asks neemat to leave Ekam because his father is against their relationship. She tells Ekam everything Jai has told her and they get an argument. She asks him that we should end this relationship here because she cant tolerate any trauma. 

Udaariyaan upcoming twist 

Advit efforts drive neemat and ekam apart. Ekam keeps his promise and investigates the case. Finally, he manages to find out that his father was behind the accident. After knowing this, neemat starts hating him and his family. Ekam will leave his house for neemat. Neemat will realize his love and forgive him and his father. 

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