Star Plus Aashiqana Season 3: Yash and Chikki Reunite to save the Baby

Aashiqana is an Indian series full of thrill and mystery. This appealing story revolves around a suspected criminal, a young lady, and a passionate police officer. Aashiqana is a complete package of romance, thrill, action, and drama. This series is produced by Gul Khan and is directed by Atif Khan while Gen K studio is the production company of the series. The main characters are Khushi Dubey and Zain Ebad khan

Aashiqana Andaaz badlay ga jb, murder k moasam mein hoga piyar  is the main theme of the story. The main idea of the drama focuses on two wounded hearts who are bought together by fate. The series has three 

It has 3 seasons, as the first season has 17 episodes and it premiered on June 6, 2022. The interesting story of the first season gained much popularity due to its fanciful storyline and cute chemistry between the main leads. The mysterious story engaged the audience in drama. Its Season 2 released on 10th October. Aashiqana 2 series was known for its high octane which kept viewers on the edge of their seats. The beautiful actors have been winning hearts through both seasons with their unique love stories. The third season is ongoing on Disney+hotsar and premiered on 7 February.

Aashiqana season 1:  

People adore the chemistry between Yash and Khushi played by Zayn and Dubey. In the first season, Zayn Ebad Khan gives an outstanding performance as a powerful and passionate police officer but is haunted by the untimely loss of a family member. Khushi Dubey as a Chikki Sharma is a beautiful young lady who wants to be a police officer like her father but failed the entrance exam. It is Fate that brings them closer. Chiki Sharma through her grit and determination to become a police officer steals the heart of Yash. And the way she preserves to shows why a woman’s place doesn’t always have to be in the kitchen but due to lack of experience, she makes a lot of mistakes. And her weird acts always irritates Yash and make angry on her.

Entry of Masked man (Villian): 

 The villain with a mask on his face is roaming around in town. Chikki feels that he wants to kill her. She told this to Yash but Yash does not believe her at first,  later Chikki gives him proof. Basically, Yash believes that women should remain in houses. He isn’t in favor of women working as a cop. He doesn’t like Chikki because she is an independent woman and also because of some mistakes she made unintentionally. After she gives proof, Yash took him to his house and thus under the backdrop of an extensive manhunt for a criminal, the blooming love story catches fire.

Aashiqana season 2: 

The second season came up with more thrill, comedy, and action. It started when Yash was recovering from an accident. Chiki keeps checking on him without letting him know. The main antagonist in this season is Karanvir Bohra a new obstacle in Yash and Chikki s life. Things became difficult for chiki and Yash when the murder case investigation was connected with the Hospital. One of the staff of the hospital was working with the criminal and it was a Nurse lady.

Later, in the serial, as the story progresses, she commits suicide out of guilt. In this season the main leads come as a married couple with exciting moments. Anurag Vyas as Shyam is also an antagonist who has a dual personality. He pretends to be a gentleman but he has all evil plans behind him. Chiki becomes a more sensible and mature woman after marriage. 

 Chikki and Yash love story twist: 

As the first season ends, their Love-commitment to each other ends too. But In this season, Chikki and Yash share a love-hate bond. While on mission Yash got so impressed by Chikki’s braveness and gradually they got into one another. They form a love bond but in the end, both separate. As they both have different priorities and some misunderstandings when Yash found Chikki and sham in the same room. This led their relationship to end. The first season of the series kept the audience glued to the screens.

This season focuses on a virus outbreak that affects the whole city. Mitali has been cast as the lead character Tejaswani in Aashiqana season 2. The interesting thing about this season is that they together do a mission. As the clandestine mission they both undertook to apprehend a second serial murderer would also play a role in the second season. But it takes backside this time because the two main character deal with interpersonal problems, gaps in their bond, and their internal conflicts.

Star Plus: Aashiqana season 3 Story

One of the most loved web series on Disney hot star is Aashiqana. And after the successful run of season 1 and season 2, the makers are back with another exciting season 3. This chronicling love in a landscape of thorns, Aashiqana is back with double romance and triple action. According to the trailer, season 3 has a more powerful story as crime and treachery fuelled the sizzling chemistry of Yash and Chikki but love keeps them united even when apart. This eye-catching series is directed by director Gul khan. And across the world, all seasons have been winning hearts for their gripping action. Actors Zayn Ebad Khan and Khushi Dubey have seen reprising their roles of Yash and Chikki in this season.

The actors revealed how the entry of a baby into their lives will create a lot of confusion. In this season Chikki along with Yash are constantly seen as solving the problems at loggerheads. With a baby entering Yash and Chikki’s life, it will definitely affect their relationship and with a serial killer lurking around in town, Yash is going to face many challenges.

Talking about season 3 Zayn Ebad Khan said,

 “Aashiqana has been quite an adventurous journey. It was very difficult for me as being in a character like Yash, to look after each element. On one hand, I have to save my love life, and on the other hand all those unending villainous and criminal acts.  This whole journey was full of mental and physical challenges for me.

In this 3rd season of the series, Zayn who is one of the main characters in the drama tries to gain knowledge about many things including women. Thus in this way, he shed the misconceptions which he has been carrying about women since childhood. This is the key point of the story as it will help them to get closer.

Plot twist: Mysterious Entry of new-born (Disney+ Hotstar)

As the story progressed, it revolves around a suspected criminal and a young lady Chikki and Yash. They had to face new challenges but their relationship takes a dramatic turn when a newborn enter in their life whose origin is shrouded in mystery. In the First Episode of Aashiqana 3, all the flashbacks gathered Chiki’s mind. The moments in which Chikki traps Yash and tries to kill him at the order of the villain. She does not tell Yash about the blackmailing and attempts to kill herself at the cliff. But when Yash tries to save her, she throws him out off the Cliff, and Yash is found dead. But in the second episode,  Yash makes his entry back and surprises chikki. He holds deep anger and hatred towards Chikki for trying to kill him. 

This unexpected twist is a great shock for both of them. When Yash appears at Chiki’s home for a case investigation in which he needs her help. But they both get trapped in it. Though, Yash did not want to be a part of her life. He still saves her life. Upon that Chikki got more shocked and wondered what will happen next, and how will this change Yash and her life forever. But later they mutually decide to work together to find the origin of the baby.

This season is going to be more thrilling as the actress while talking about her role said: In this new chapter we will see Chikki at crossroads with Yash and yet solve the looming danger with the best partner she could ever have but that’s not it. There may be more than a dangerous criminal that comes in between Yash and Chikki s relationship; the audience will only have to wait and find out.

Aashiqana Season 3 Cast Name & Photo: Star Plus

Zyan Ibad Khan

Zayn Ibad khan as Yash Vardhan Chauhan, Age: 24 years

Zyan Ibad Khan
Zyan Ibad Khan

Khushi Dubey

Khushi Dubey as Chikki Sharma, Real Age: 23 years

Khushi Dubey
Khushi Dubey

To find out about the season’s upcoming episodes to understand the new dynamics and to know the mystery of the baby. Stay Connected with us for more exciting Aashiqana 3  Future stories, Twists, and News! Well, Disney+ Hotstar Aashiqana 3 season is back with Karma. And Yash and Chiki are strongly winning the audience’s hearts again with their thrilling performances.  

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