Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan (Zee TV) Serial Cast, Twist, Story & More

Pyar ka pehla naam: Radha Mohan is an Indian Hindi language  drama serial which is on air on zee tv. It is released on 2May 2022. This television series is directed by Prateek Shah. It is produced by Prateek Sharma under the production of studia LSD private limited. It is digitally available on ZEE5 to watch. The genre of this serial is drama romance. It stars Shabir Ahluwalia and Niharika Roy.  It is the official remake of “Yaaradi Nee Mohini” series of Zee Tamil. 

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan (Zee TV) Serial Cast, Twist, Story & More

    Name  Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan



Drama Romance

   Directed by  

Pratik Shah

   Written by  



Shilpa F D’ mello,

Amit Babbar

   Producers Prateek Sharma,Suman Sharma
 Country of origin  India 
 Language  Hindi
 No. of episodes   137 and continue
Original network  Zee Tv
Running timing  30 minutes
 Camera setup  Multi-camera
 Editor  Amit Singh-Pramod
Music Paresh A Shah
Art director Amit Mishra
Set designer Sohail Shaikh
Starring Shabir Ahluwalia, Neeharika Roy
Show Timings Monday – Saturday at 8pm
Production House Studio LSD Private Limited

Radha Mohan Main Cast Real Names

Here is the main cast of  drama serial Radha Mohan

  • Neeharika Roy as Radha Vashisht
  • Shabbir Ahluwalia as Mohan Trivedi
  • Reeza Choudhary as Gungun
  • Keerti Nagpure as Tulsi Mohan Trivedi
  • Kajal khanchandani as Sundari Vashisht
  • Sambhabana Mohanty as Damini
  • Rajendra Lodhia as Vishwanath Trivedi
  • Swati Shah as Kadambari trivedi
  • Manisha purohit as Kaveri
  • Ranveer Singh Malik as Rahul trivedi
  • Sunny Sachdeva as Shekhar
  • Sumit Arora as Ajeet
  • Pooja Kava as Ketki

Main Characters

  • Shabbir Ahluwalia as Mohan Vishwanath Trivedi – Vishwanath’s son,  Gungun’s father,  Radha’s childhood friend and love-interest.
  • Neeharika Roy as Radha Vashisht – Rameshwar’s daughter, Mohan’s childhood friend and love-interest.
  • Keerti Nagpure as Tulsi Mohan Trivedi – Mohan’s first wife; Gungun’s mother. (Dead)
  • Reeza Choudhary as Gungun Mohan Trivedi – Mohan and Tulsi’s daughter.
  • Sambhabana Mohanty as Damini –Mohan’s ex-fiance.
  • Manisha Purohit as Kaveri – Damini’s mother.
  • Rajendra Lodhia as Vishwanath Trivedi – Mohan’s father, Gungun’s grandfather.

Radha Mohan Serial Story

Mohan is a flute player. He helped  Radha to come back to life after she lost her mother. Radha has been in love with Mohan since then. 

While Mohan’s first wife dies and his daughter Gungun considers him to be her mother’s murderer. On the other hand, Radha is in love with Mohan and aspires him so much. 

Fate decides to bring them back again after years when Radha saves Gungun life. Radha stays as Mohan’s house as a guest.  Mohan has lost his cheerful happy self in all these years. Radha will help Mohan regain his spark back.  

Meanwhile, Mohan’s stepmother Kadambari wants to remarry him to her niece Damini. Damini is selfish and she has eyes on Mohan’s wealth. She wants to marry Mohan for his wealth. Mohan agrees to marry Damini for the sake of his mother.

Radha and Mohan start coming closer which makes Damini jealous. Later, Gungun and Radha become good friends. Radha also tried to bring Gungun and Mohan closer. On seeing all this, Damini wanted to get Radha out of the house, Damini accuses her of theft but Radha proves herself innocent.

Radha decides to go back. While she was standing at the bus stop Radha gets to see the sight of Gungun running away where her uncle plans to kidnap her. Mohan comes to rescue Gungun where he was worried with the thought of losing his daughter.

Poor Gungun does not know what to do when Mohan reaches Gungun and was about to hit her with his car. Radha comes on time got injured due to coming infront of the car. Radha is injured badly. On seeing this, Mohan cones and pick Radha in his arms.

Radha mohan latest News

A person comes into the house, the person vacame with the printed card, Kadambari explains they have arrived on the most auspicious time, Damini is shocked after seeing the cards as the name of Radha is written with Mohan, Kaveri also screams in while Gungun is smiling in the back. Kadambari doesn’t believe it and was shocked who did it, Kaveri asks Mohan if he has done it, but he said what kid of stupid question is that. Mohan mentions it would be an error, but Damini tries to accuse Radha of it.  Damini tries to suffocate Radha, Mohan pushes Damini asking if she really thinks that Radha can do anything of the sort, On this Damini mentions he himself gave her the card, so she changed her name. Kadambari stopped them all from useless accusations and herself asks Radha if she checked the cards or if she did this but Mohan said he believes Radha, she can’t do any such thing. But Damini didn’t stop to accuse Radha, Mohan in frustation said to Damini that your are misbehaving now. Kaveri said that he must look at what has happened, Radha pleads that she hasn’t done anything. Mohan in anger asks Dulari to bring the mobile, he then checked  the card which was the sample. Damini requests they should perform the rituals, but Mohan mentions she herself has put such a big mess to it. Now first the will find out who did it then will do anything else.

Radha Mohan Upcoming Twist

In the upcoming episodes, there will be another interesting twist. So far, Damini has played an emotional card on mohan to marry her as she will take care of Gungun. But Gungun is aware of her cleverness and she doesn’t want her to marry his father. Gungun tells Mohan if he is getting married to get a mother for her, then he should marry Radha not Damini as she wants Radha to be her mother.

Now in upcoming episodes we will see will Rohan fulfil her daughter’s wish and marry Radha and what will Damini do after hearing all this.

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