Naagin 6 (Colors TV) TV Show Cast, Twist, Story, And Gossips

Nagin 6 is an Indian television series. It is supernatural thriller drama serial. It has 6 seasons. Season 6 is released on 12 February 2022. It airs on colors TV. It is produced by Ekta Kapoor.

Naagin 6 (Colors TV) TV Show Cast, Twist, Story, Wiki & More

    Name  Nagin 
    Genre  Supernatural Fantasy Drama
   Directed by  Ranjan Kumar Singh
   Written by  

 Mrinal Jha

 Divya Sinha 

   Creative director  Shalu
 Country of origin  India 
 language  Hindi
 No. of season   6
 No. of episodes   70
Original network  Colors TV
Original timing  43 minutes
 Camera setup  Multi-camera
 Production company   Balaji Telefilms 
 Production Location   Mumbai

Nagin drama serial main cast real names

Here is the main cast of your favorite drama serial Naagin 6

  • Tejasswi Prakash as Pratha (Shesh Naagin)
  • Simba Nagpal as Captain Rishabh Gujral (Army Officer)
  • Mahekk Chahal as Mahek (Pratha’s elder sister)
  • Urvashi Dholakia as Reem (Rhea’s mother)
  • Sudha Chandran as Seema Gujral (Rishabh’s mother)
  • Puneet Panjwani as Punit Gujral (Rishabh’s Uncle)
  • Reema Worah as Radha (Punit’s wife)
  • Abhishek Verma as Ritesh Gujral (Rishabh’s brother)
  • Aryan Arora as Himanshu Singh (Rishabh’s friend)
  • Mansi Arora as Lady Tantrik
  • Manit Juora as Professor
  • Shivam Singh as Suraj Kumar
  • Pranav Kumar as Vihaan 
  • Gayathri as Reem
  • Aditi Shetty as Rhea
  • Srushti Taare as Ananya 
  • Rashami Desai as Laal Nagin 
  • Sanjay Gagnani as Sapera
  • Shikha Singh as Riddhi Sharma
  • Zeeshan Khan as Nevla
  • Sneha Raikar as Chanda Gujral
  • Priti Gandwani as Roopa
  • Arjit Taneja as Angel

Nagin 6 Drama Serial Main Story

The story starts with the world is suffering from a deadly Virus. Professor calls Shesh Nagin to save the world from this deadly virus. Her marriage is fixed with Rishabh. On the wedding Day, it is revealed that Pratha is Shesh Nagin and her sister is Mahek. These two sisters work together to save the world from the virus. They find a musical box from Lalit’s room and find that this music box is connected to Asurs. The Asurs introduce a Maha Sepera which is the very powerful snake, who wants to control all the Nagins but he fails. Pratha kills him. 

Mahek and pratha mother reveals that their grandmother is a Shesh Nagin and one of her grand-daughter will also  become a Shesh Nagin who can only married with Shesh Naag when she is 21 years old. Their family consider Mahek to be a Shesh Nagin and perform the ritual of becoming a Shesh Nagin but two men interrupt their ritual. They captive Mahek. At this moment, pratha becomes Shesh Nagin and it is revealed in front of the whole family that she is Shesh Nagin. Pratha realizes that virus is transported to India from Chingistan. shangrila injects pratha with poison. Professor told pratha that only shalakha can save her from poison. Shalakha becomes a Nagin. She kills shangrilla. 

Yash revealed that he is a Shesh Naag. He tells pratha and ask her that we both get married. when Rishabh come to know about this he breaks off his marriage with pratha. After get married with Yash, pratha come to know about the other conspirators. When yash and pratha are getting married, pratha cries in the mandap. Yash knows that she stills love Rishabh. Yash cancel this marriage for Rishabh and pratha. Pratha comes back to Gujral’s house to save the Rishabh from seventh conspirator. She reads a book (Sheshnaag ki kitab) and finds the seventh conspirator. 

Rishabh don’t get married to Reem and she gets married to Ritesh. Rishabh and Pratha confess their love for each other. Seema sends them on Honeymoon to Dehradun. They come close to each other and understanding develops between them. After some events, pratha finds that Seema is a seventh conspirator when she attacks on Rishabh and pratha catches her. It is revealed that Semma is not Rishabh’s real mother. Rishabh also knows about the Seema truth. Again and again, Seema tries to attack Rishabh but pratha saves his from Seema through her Sheesh Nagin powers. Seema tries to expose the truth in front of Rishabh that Pratha is a Sheesh Nagin but she falls from the roof and doctor tell them that she is in a comma. 

Nagin 6 latest news 

In the latest episodes, pratha dance on snake’s flute tone and she falls in front of temple. Snake charmers tries to capture her with their powers but she drinks milk from the temple of Shiv Ji. Snake charmers kept an eye on her and ask her that they not spare her. She sees a storm and being surprised and thinks something is going to change in this world. She kills snake charmers through her Sheesh Nagin powers. Professor Jeet waiting for her whole night. She returns home. Rudra tells his friends and team that someone is killing our people and we have to expose him. At the event, Anmol hugs prathna. They both don’t know that they are sisters. At this event, minister is attacked by someone and someone is planted a bomb at event. Rudra goes inside to save minister and Anmol follows him. Suddenly, bomb falls near Anmol’ s feet but Prathna saves her by becoming a Nagin. 

Rudra and his family gets stuck in the life and Nagin saved them. Rudra and his family went for Rudra and Anmol engagement. A groom’s family come for the prathna’s proposal. Jeet and prathna go for a walk and a person attacks on jeet. Prathna becomes a Nagin and save him. It is revealed to her that she is Nagin. She goes to Nagin Mahal to know about all the secrets. She did the pooja and takes Shesh Nagin Avatar. 

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