Kumkum Bhagya Serial (Zee TV) Cast, Actor, Twist, Story, and Crew

Kumkum bhagya is an Indian drama serial which is on air on zee tv. It is released on 15 April 2014. It is produced by Ekta Kapoor under the production of Balaji Telefilms. It is digitally available on ZEE5 to watch. The genre of this serial is drama romance. Basically the concept of the show is based on novel of Jane Austen named as Sense and Sensibility. The story of this serial was written by Anil Nagpal. 

Kumkum Bhagya Serial (Zee TV) Cast, Actor, Twist, Story, Wiki & More

    Name  Kumkum Bhagya 



Drama Romance

   Directed by  

Ravindra Gautam, Sameer Kulkarni, Sharad Pandey, Jeetu Arora, Deepak Chavan, Shahnawaz khan, Khalid Akhter

   Written by  


Anil Nagpal


Anil Nagpal

Mrinal Tripathi


Dheeraj Sarna

Vikash Tiwari

   Producers Ekta KapoorShobha Kapoor
 Country of origin  India 
 Language  Hindi
 No. of episodes   2,224
Original network  Zee Tv
Running timing  30 minutes
 Camera setup  Multi-camera
 Cinematography  Sanjay MemaneAnil Katke
Starring Sriti JhaShabir Ahluwalia

Mugdha Chaphekar

Kumkum Bhagya Main Cast Real Names

Here is the main cast of  drama serial kumkum bhagya

  • Sriti Jha as Pragya Abhishek
  • Shabbir Ahluwalia as Abhishek
  • Shikha Singh as Alia Mehra
  • Mughda Chaphekar as Prachi
  • Kajol Srivastava/Mrunal Thakur as Bulbul
  • Arjit Taneja/Vin Rana as Purab Khanna
  • Ruchi Savarn as Disha
  • Vivana Singh as Shimonika
  • Madhurima Tuli/Leena Jumani as Tanuhsree
  • Nitin Goswami as Dushyant
  • Supriya Shukla as Sarla Arora
  • Amit Dhawan/Anurag Sharma as Raj Ajay Mehra
  • Shivani Supri as Pammi

Main Characters

  • Sriti Jha as Pragya Arora Mehra (Saria and Raghuveer’s eldest daughter, Abhi’s wife)
  • Shabir Ahluwalia as Abhishek “Abhi” (pragya’s husband)
  • Mugdha Chaphekar as Parachi Arora  Kohli (Pragya and Abhi’s second daughter)
  • Naina Singh/Pooja Banerji/Tine Philip as Rhea Mehra(Pragya and Abhi’s youngest daughter)
  • Shikha Singh/Reyhna Malhotra as Alia Mehra (Abhi’s sister)
  • Madhurima Tuli/Leena Jumani as Tanushree Mehta (Abhi’s former girlfriend and ex-wife)

Kumkum Bhagya Serial Story

The story of this serial is about two Arora sisters Pragya and Bulbul and their  mother Sarla Arora who runs a marriage hall  and  wants to see both of her daughters to get happily married. Pragya who is the eldest daughter is practical, hardworking and is a college teacher. The younger daughter is outgoing, and of freely nature. The show follows the lives of these two sisters. 

Pragya gets married to Abhishek (Abhi) Mehra who is a rockstar while Bulbul gets married to Abhishek’s friend Purab. After some time, unfortunately bulbul sadly dies. On other hand, Abhi and Pragya’s married life continues with several challenges and hurdles. While things keep on getting more serious, Abhishek and Pragya got divorced. 7 years later, Pragya has a daughter with Abhi who’s name is Kiara. She is living in London. Later when she comes back to delhi, Abhi and Pragya reunite. After that Pragya gives birth to twin daughters. Meanwhile Kiara is killed. Pragya and Abhi are heartbroken, this cause a dispute in them because they both blame each other for Kiara’s death. They got separate again. Pragya took one twin with her while Abhi kept the other.

After 20 years, Pragya and Abhi’s twins, Prachi and Rhea  have grown up. Prachi and Rhea are interested in Abhi’s friend’s son, Ranbir Kohli who study with them. Prachi is exactly like her mother, sweet, honest and hardworking while Rhea is clever, selfish and pampered by her aunt Alia. Afterward, Prachi and Ranbir get married and this cause Rhea to become enemy towards her own sister Prachi. After sometime Pragya gets into an accident and is presumed to be dead due to her critical condition.

2 years later, Pragya seems to survive and comes back from Australia to get revenge from Abhi as she was tricked to think that Abhi tried to kill her by Alia. Prachi and Ranbir’s  married life continues and Rhea also got married to Siddharth, who is Ranbir’s cousin. On the other hand, Abhi and pragya talked and clear their misunderstandings and get reunited again. Ranbir accuses Prachi of having an affair with Siddharth due to plot created by Rhea and this cause them to get divorced. After that Ranbir and Rhea got close. Rhea planned for fake pregnancy so that Ranbir marry her.

Kumkum Bhagya Latest News

Prachi suspect Rhea of doing fake pregnancy. Prachi followed Rhea while she was going to doctor and for a second she saw the fake bump in hands of a doctor. Rhea panicks on seeing Prachi there as she can’t let her secret out especially by Prachi. After Rhea leaves, Prachi came to doctor to ask was she was giving a fake bump to Rhea. Now the point is, will Prachi be able to discover that Rhea is not pregnant in reality or she will get fooled by Dr and Rhea. 

Kumkum Bhaagya Upcoming Twist

In the upcoming episodes of Kumkum Bhagya, Prachi and Ranbir will have a special kiss with each other while being drunk. Prachi will smile and feel happy which will show that she still loves Ranbir. Now, lets see what will happen between Ranbir and Parchi. Will the get back together or will Rhea try to plan another plot.

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