Imlie (Star Plus) Serial Cast, Twist, Story, & More

Imlie is an Indian drama serial released on November 16, 2020, on star plus. It is also streamed on Hot star and Disney+. It is produced by Gul Khan under the production company of 4 lions films.

Imlie (Star Plus) Serial Cast, Twist, Story, Wiki & More

    Name   Imlie 
    Genre   Drama 
   Directed by Atif khan

 Ajay Kumar

 Rahul Tiwari

   Written by Aparajita Sharma 

  Divvy Nidhi Sharma

   Creative director   Muskan Bajaj
 Country of origin  India 
 language  Hindi
 No. of seasons   2
 No. of episodes   588
Original network  Star plus
Original timing  21-23 minutes
 Camera setup  Multi-camera
 cinematography  Nidhin Valanday
 Editor  Shashank H. Singh Rakesh Lal Das

Imlie main cast

Here is the main cast of Imlie drama serial 

  • Sumbul Touqeer as Imlie Rathore (Main Character)
  • Fahmaan khan as Aryan Singh Rathore (Imlie’s 2nd Husband)
  • Manasvi Vashist as Aditya Kumar Tripathi (Imlie’s 1st Husband)
  • Mayuri Deshmukh as Malini Chaturvedi (Aditya’s Ex-Wife)
  • Chandresh Singh as Pankaj Tripathi (Aditya’s Father)
  • Ritu chahudry as Aparna Tripathi (Aditya’s Mother)
  • Kiran Kojhe as Mithi (Imlie’s Mother)

Imlie serial Main Story

Adi and imlie are the main characters of this drama serial. Adi is a journalist and visits imlie’s village where she guides her and they spend a night together due to heavy storm. When villagers come to know they threatened Adi to marry imlie. He don’t want to get married with imlie but forcefully they get married. Adi introduces her to his family as a maid and wants to marry with Malini who is his girl-friend. Imlie wins everyone hearts. Before his marriage with Malini, Adi exposes the truth that imlie is his wife. Adi have a feelings for his wife and they re-unite. Adi always stood with her and tries to groom her personality. Malini gets jealous to see them together and wants to break their relationship. Imlie knows her intentions and told Aditya about her but he refuse to accept this.

Malini and Aditya spend a night together and get intimate and get pregnant. Malini lives in Aditya’s house and there is a cliff between Aditya and imlie due to trust issues. Malini wants to destroy the relationship between Aditya and imlie so she shots herself to blame imlie and Aditya trusts Malini. Imlie leaves the Tripathi house to save her self-respect. Aryan Singh Rathore is a businessman and gives the internship letter to imlie. Aditya see them together and misunderstood their relationship. He sees them in a hotel room. Malini sends divorce paper to Aditya from the behalf of imlie and he signed them. After the divorce, he marries with Malini.

Imlie and Aryan become good friends. With the help of Aryan, she exposes Malini. After knowing the truth, Aditya apologize imlie but she ignores him. Imlie and Aryan gets married. she then interested in Arvind’s case to know about the past and gets kidnapped. Aryan follows the goons and knows the truth about the real murderer. Aditya also reached to that place with police. Aryan apologizes to Aditya for misunderstanding him. Aditya leaves the country.

Aryan and imlie’s marriage rituals started. Aryan’s best friend Jyoti met with imlie and she invites her to their home. Jyoti have feelings for Aryan and she don’t want to share Aryan with anyone else. Neela and Jyoti set a fire to harm imlie in their bedroom. Aryan saves Imlie. Aryan gets shoot by goons. After his consciousness, he come to know that Imlie leaves him because of his family ill behavior. He finds her and bring back to his home. Imlie gets pregnant. She exposed Jyoti misdeeds in front of Aryan. Imlie finds a baby girl who is missing ang bring her to Rathore Mansion and called this baby girl Gudiya. Malini reveals that Gudiya is her and Aditya’s daughter. Imlie wants to take Gudiya Custody because Malini shows no care about her daughter. Imlie suffers from a miscarriage. Imlie and Aryan both blames each other and imlie leaves the Rathore Mansion and live with her mother.

Imlie Serial upcoming story twist

Cheeni will play tricks against Imlie and Aryan so that they both get separated. Imlie will know her intentions and will try her best to save her relationship. She loves Aryan and doesn’t want to lose him at any cost. If she has to take cheeni’s life for that, she will take it.

Is imlie and Aryan separated?

After imlie’s miscarriage, Aryan and Imlie both blame each other for this loss. Imlie leaves Aryan’s house and found Gudiya in a temple. She takes Gudiya with her to her Mother’s house.

Who is cheeni in Imlie?

Cheeni is Imlie’s daughter with a negative character. Drama is being shown 20 years Ahead. The story of the second generation starts.

Is Imlie serial ending?

After 20 years, the story of the second generation starts. The show will end when Aryan and Imlie forgive each other and start living together with their children.

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