Apnapan TV Show Cast, Timings, Story, Real Name, And Release date

Apnapan is an Indian television drama series that released on 15 June 2022 on Sony TV Entertainment. It is digitally streamed on Sony LIV. It is produced by Ekta Kapoor under the production company of Balaji Telefilms. It is a family-based drama serial which story revolves around the husband and his wife and their five children. Its telecasting days are from Monday to Friday.










Indian soap



Creative Directors


Tanushri Dasgupta

Palki Malhotra


Written by


Jaya Misra

Anjali Bahura

Bradely Fernandez


Music Composer


Lalit Sen

Nawab Arzoo


Country of origin









 No. of seasons




No. of episodes




Original network


Sony Entertainment


Original timing



20-22 minutes


 Camera setup






Vikas Sharma

Vishal Sharma

Manas Majumder


Apnapan main cast

Here is the main cast of your favorite drama serial apnapan

  • Rajshree Thakur as Pallavi Gulati (Main Lead)
  • Cezanne Khan as Nikhil Jai Singh (Pallavi’s Husband)
  • Gautam Ahuja as Gagan Jai Singh (Pallavi and Nikhil’s son)
  • Shraddha Tripathi as Barkha Jai Singh (Pallavi and Nikhil’s daughter)
  • Anmol Kajani as Badal Jai Singh (Pallavi and Nikhil’s youngest son)
  • Mehak Ghai as Manna Jai Singh (Pallavi and Nikhil’s elder daughter)
  • Keshav Mehta as Harsh Jai Singh (Pallavi and Nikhil’s son)
  • Leena Jumani as Sonali (Pallavi’s cousin)
  • Anju Mahendru as Teji Gulati (Pallavi’s mother)
  • Rinku Dhawan as Nandita Jai Singh (Nikhil’s sister)
  • Baby Farida as Kinnu Jai Singh (Nikhil’s mother)
  • Suvansh Dhar as Ishaan Agarwal (Manna’s love interest)

Apnapan serial main story

The drama serial starts with Pallavi who runs a restaurant. She gets married to Nikhil but after some years of their marriage, they get divorced. They have five children named Manna, Harsh, Barkha, Gagan and Badal. Nikhil is not aware about that Gagan and Badal are his child because before their birth Pallavi and Nikhil gets separated. Nikhil is a chef who is loved by the people in all over the world. Manna and Harsh live with their father in the New York because Nikhil give them a better lifestyle and meet all their needs.

Pallavi is a struggling woman who runs an restaurant to meet her expenses. Barkha, Badal and Gagan live with Pallavi in Meerut. Manna and Harsh are upset with their father because he is too much busy in his life and he has no enough time to spend with their children. Nikhil sends expensive gifts to Manna and Harsh to make them happy but they have an emotional Gap with their father.

Pallavi loves her child very much and runs a restaurant for their kid’s better future. But she can’t afford expensive gifts and a luxurious lifestyle as Nikhil can. She is emotionally attached with her kids but Barkha and Badal didn’t like the fact that they are middle-class and have no enough resources to live a luxurious life. Pallavi struggle for their child but she can’t fill this gap and her child lives a life of deprivation.

Pallavi and Nikhil again get married to each other and live under the same roof with their kids. Nick got ill. Dadi scolds Pallavi that she is careless. Pallavi takes care of Nikhil and they both remember their past moments. Nick gifts a necklace, Earrings and Kamarband to Pallavi for their Mehndi function. Nikhil goes to Café where Sonali meets her and asks him to do a job in this café. Nikhil agrees and give her a job. Later, Sonali met with Ranveer (Pallavi’s friend) and says that Pallavi has a feelings for you.

Sonali calls to Pallavi and told her that Nik has hired her as a accountant for his Café. Sonali puts misunderstandings between Pallavi and Nik. Pallavi thinks that Nik and Sonali betray her. She breaks into tears. Pallavi remains upset in the whole Mehndi function and not wears a jewelry which Nik give to her. Ranveer comes in the Mehndi function and Nik gets upset to see him. In Pallavi’s hand, R is written with Mehndi. Everyone shocks to see it. Nik and Dadi thinks that it is Pallavi’s wish to write R on her hands. Sonali says to Nik that Pallavi is interested in Ranveer and not happy with this marriage. Nik and Pallavi argues and blames each other.

Apnapan serial latest updates

In the latest episodes, Ranveer told Pallavi that Sonali’s intentions are not pure. Dadi asks Sonali that is Pallavi loves Ranveer then why she married to Nik. Ranveer says to Sonali that he also wants to stop this marriage. Pallavi and Nik goes to party and clear the misunderstandings. Nik told her that he want to get into relationship with her whole-heartedly and forget about the past. They both confess their love. Nik asks to Pallavi that he can’t live without her. You are everything to me. Next day, Nik gets the barat. They both sit in the Mandap and recalls their first marriage. Dadi reads the letter which Pallavi has wrote for Nik. But, Sonali replaces the Ranveer name on this letter. Visit Desi Serial For More Detail

Dadi breaks the marriage and insults Pallavi. Pallavi tells them the truth but Dadi and Nik don’t understand. Nik breaks this marriage in front of everyone. To knowing the truth, Nik calls the waiter who falls this letter and the writing will match. Waiter wrote a letter and he spoke the truth that he had written that letter on Ranveer’s request. Ranveer leaves and Nik apologizes to Pallavi.

Apnapan- Badalte Rishton ka Bandhan

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