Anupama Serial Cast, Upcoming Story, Twist, Spoilers, Written Update

Anupama is an Indian Hindi-language drama serial released on 13 July 2020 on Star plus. The story is written by Bhavna Vyas and it is directed by Romesh Kalra. It is produced by Rajan shahi and Deepa shahi under director’s kut productions. It has 1 season and no of episodes streamed are 609. It streams digitally on Hot star and Disney+ . Its running time is 20-24 minutes. Its time slot is Monday-Sunday 9 pm . Anupama is the story of a devoted wife, mother and daughter-in-law.

Main cast

  • Rupali Ganguly as “Anu Joshi” (Main Actress)
  • Gaurav Khanna as “Anuj Kapadia” (Anu’s college friend)
  • Sudhanshu Pandey as “Vanraj shah” ( Anupama’s former husband)
  • Madalsa sharma chakrabotry as “Kavya shah” (vanraj’s wife)
  • Paras kalnawat as “Samar shah” (Anupama and Vanraj’s son)
  • Ashish Mehrotra as “Paritosh shah” (Anupama and Vanraj’s elder son)
  • Nidhi shah as “Kinjal shah” (Paritosh’s wife)
  • Muskaan Bamne as “Pakhi shah” (Anupama and Vanraj’s daughter)
  • Alpana buch as “Leela shah” (Vanraj and Dolly’s Mother)
  • Arvind Vaidya as “Hasmukh Shah” (Vanraj and Dolly’s Father)
  • Ekta Saraiya as “Dolly Shah” (Vanraj’s sister)
  • Paresh Bhatt as “Sanjay Patel” (Dolly’s Husband)
  • Stuti Zakarde as “Meenali Patel” (Dolly and Sanjay’s daughter)


In 1-100 episodes, the story only revolves around the main actress “Anupama”. She has a loving and self-sacrificing nature. She is family-orientated. Her husband Vanraj’s having an extra marital affair for the past 8 years with his colleague Kavya Gandhi. Anupama’s best friend Devika Mehta knows about this affair and she informs Anupama’s about it but she refused to agree and expresses her faith on her husband. But on their wedding anniversary Day, she sees Vanraj and kavya intimacy and feels heartbroken.

In 100-200 episodes, more people become aware about the affair of  Vanraj and Kavya. Samar breaks all his relationship with his father and start calling him “Mr. Shah” instead of “Papa”. Vanraj’s father refuses to financially help him after Vanraj leaves home. Anupama start working as a cooking and dance teacher. Then she decided to divorce Vanraj and decided to live alone her life. But when vanraj knows about kavya’s real nature he decided to live with Anupama and develop a feelings for her.

In 201-300 episodes, as the divorce date approaches, Vanraj fears about losing Anupama and his whole family. Anupama remains ill and diagnosed with an ovarian cancer. She urges vanraj to leave her. Soon Anupama leaves for immediate surgery. Kavya divorces Anirudhh and she wants to marry with Vanraj. At last, Vanraj marries with Kavya. After Anupama’s surgery, kavya and Anupama lives under the same roof.

In 301-400 episodes, Samar establishes the “Anupama Dance Academy” for his mother. Anupama advices vanraj and kavya to set a café in her academy after they loses their jobs. Café name is “Leela ka café” . After some years, Anupama’s college best friend Anuj Kapadia returned to India. Anuj has feelings for Anupama for past twenty-six years and remained unmarried. He gives Anupama a business partnership and she agrees. Vanraj jealous with Anuj and Anupama friendship. 

In 401-500 episodes, Anupama leaves the shah house because of the taunts she listens from everyone and Samar follows her. Anuj confesses his feelings for Anupama. Kavya signs the property papers from vanraj’s father through conspiracy. After knowing this, vanraj decided to divorce kavya but she refuses and returns the property papers. Anuj met with an accident and Anupama starts realizing her feelings for Anuj.

In 501-600 episodes, on the night of Valentine’s Day, Anupama proposes Anuj. Samar and nandini love story ends because of the insecurities nandini faces. Kinjal reveals her pregnancy but Paritosh refuses to own his baby. Anupama announces her marriage with Anuj and they marry in a grand way. Anuj transfers the Kapadia Empire to Anupama. 

In present episodes, Anupama and Anuj deals with the class differences of shahs and Kapadia. Anuj met with a deadly accident and falls into comma. After this accident, Kapadia starts misbehaving with Anupama. When Anuj come back into consciousness he clears that it was just an accident and vanraj tried to save him. Samar calling Vanraj “Papa” again. 

Best dialogues

  • “Society doesn’t work with us, we work with society. Education, love wedding children_ there’s an age for all this. In our society, grandparents don’t even visit GOA and forget about their honeymoon. Grandmothers look good when they perform at religious events, not when they decide to marry.”
  • “There’s only one condition for males .e being responsible. On the other hand, women is tied in the shackles of responsibility, relationships, age, family, respect, culture, and so on.”
  • “A mistake is forgiven but not a lie.”
  • “A man fallen on the ground can fly, but a person who falls out of sight cannot fly.”


Lessons learned from this serial

  1. She taught us that we should be considerate to everyone
  2. She taught us to be kind
  3. She is a great pillar of strength
  4. Her dialogues are hard-hitting
  5. She taught us the act of forgiving

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